Businesses Across the Country Work to Improve Life for Veterans

Our nation’s military heroes often have a hard life to return to after they complete their military service. However, businesses across the country are working to do their part and support our troops, even after they have exchanged their military fatigues for civilian clothing.

Veterans in America often find it difficult to get hired for jobs, find places to live, and reintegrate into civilian life. Many veterans have mental health issues, from anxiety to PTSD, that require regular treatment. A recent study revealed that young male veterans are at three times the risk of suicide. These veterans have done their part by serving our country, but often find that they need to seek out specific businesses and companies to find people who will do right by them in return.

Take home ownership, for example. A veteran who has spent years living on military bases both in the US and overseas is going to need to start a new life by investing in a first home. The company is working to improve life for veterans by getting them the best possible home loan available. This is just one example of the way businesses are giving back to America’s veterans.

Another example is the Iowa Business Council, which just announced its goal of hiring 2,500 veterans over the next five years. Finding jobs for veterans is an important part of helping them integrate back into civilian life; although many veterans have plenty of applicable workplace skills, their limited resumes sometimes set them back when compared to more experienced candidates. The military, of course, is a full-time job and more, but employers often do not consider it the “3-5 years of office experience” that they require for mid-level positions. By committing to hiring veterans, the Iowa Business Council is showing the state that serving the country is just as valuable as any other type of previous workplace experience.

Some businesses choose to give back by donating to worthy causes. This January, Patriot Software, Inc. is hoping to win a grant that will allow them to donate $25,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project. The Wounded Warrior Project has an ambitious mission: “To foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded service members in our nation’s history.” The project helps veterans through services like the Combat Stress Recovery Program, as well as training programs to help veterans succeed in business or entrepreneurship. Businesses who choose to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project are doing their part to show support for America’s veterans.

If you are a returning veteran, take some time to seek out businesses and services who have committed to meeting your needs. These resources will help you start your new life and be assets as you work to turn your military success into civilian success.

If you are a business, consider adding military support into your core mission. Whether that means donating to the Wounded Warrior Project or similar foundations, or whether it means doing your part to hire qualified veterans into your staff, it is an important part of serving your country and showing your support for the people who have supported you.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that veterans get the support and treatment they need when they return from military service. Many businesses are already doing their part by working to improve life for veterans. If more businesses and companies take up the battle cry, we will all make the transition to civilian life that much easier for America’s heroes.