How Employers are Freshening Up Their Recruitment Advertising

With the digital world now moving so fast, it is becoming even more difficult for employers to find the most cost effective way of getting recruitment messages across to the right potential employees. The brightest lights in the talent firmament are unlikely to be looking at old fashioned vacancy ads in newspapers or even at recruitment websites. The likelihood is that they will spot an interesting message over social media channels or on their mobile device.

Alternatively they might be introduced by an existing member of staff as the direct result of an in-house referral scheme where rewards are paid out to employees who introduce successful applicants for vacant positions. These schemes are especially popular as the bounties paid stack up very favourably against the cost of other forms of advertising and of weeding out unsuitable applications.

As Karen Jackson, Group Resourcing Manager at Home Retail who run an award winning referral scheme, confirms : “Our employees know what it is like to work here. They know the skills and behaviours needed to be a success. This makes them our greatest advocates. Talentspotter is a simple way for us to thank them when they proactively introduce us to someone who later joins the team at Home Retail Group.”

HR staff are increasingly having to think outside the box these days with all sorts of new routes being devised to reach their target audience. With around 300 million members, Linkedin is establishing itself as a major destination for recruiters as it is essentially a giant database of CVs disguised as a professional networking site. It’s success has quickly spawned a host of other imitators such as Tribepad and BraveNewTalent which are essentially recruitment platforms dressed up as social forums enabling both professionals and employers to network and discuss employment opportunities.

Many recruitment and HR professionals are also waking up to the power of video in conveying their messages in a novel and stimulating fashion. A leading national newspaper’s website recently ran a feature called the Top10 Coolest Offices in the UK which showed the number of vacancies at each office and how to apply for them.

More and more recruiters are creating content to drive engagement on social sites with a view to generating relevant applications from job-seekers on their websites. With people getting increasingly accustomed to viewing video online, we can expect to see this medium being used to make a significant improvement in both the quantity and quality of respondents.

Prospective job candidates are getting used to video and are expecting to see much more video content from potential employers, recruiters and job-sites. Watching a well-made, clever or informative video for 60 seconds is considerably more engaging than wading through a slab of text on a web page!  So the medium is certain to play an increasingly important role in the future of employer branding, recruitment advertising and website navigation.