Energy Efficiency Intensive Class at the Presidio, Coming June 18

Continuing in the series of intensive classes at the Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco, Terry Shire of EcoFactor will give a one day class on June 18 on the basics of energy efficiency and related job opportunities.

Learn the fundamentals of energy efficiency, and build supporting skills around measuring and reducing your energy footprint, with a focus on buildings.

This intensive course will help you understand the basic building blocks on energy and electricity metrics and energy efficiency concepts and economics. The course will outline the process of improving energy efficiency for buildings with a series of lectures and hands on labs and open discussion.

Building on the understanding of key energy metrics used in industry today, the course will move to the practical application for organizations—be they large, small, public or private. Using simple techniques students will learn how to measure and benchmark energy performance and build mitigation plans to lower energy and emissions in addition to reducing costs.

The course will conclude with an analysis of the leading companies in energy efficiency and potential job roles in this space.

Classes will be held at:
Presidio Graduate School
36 Lincoln Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94129

For full class details and sign up information: