Entrepreneurial Paths for Sustainable MBAs

Students graduating with sutainable MBAs can become a part of a growing community of entrepreneurs who are key to solving the economic and environmental challenges in the United States. When considering your path as a future green leader, consider starting your own new venture. A survey conducted by Ecopreneur.com reveals that 71% of American respondents agree that tackling the issue of climate change means changing the way we live our lives – a statistic that backs a growing client-base for green products and services.

Here are some great green business ideas to get you started and help spark your possible entrepreneurial journey:

Healthy, Local Food

Consumers are becoming more aware of food safety and the greenhouse gas emissions associated with transporting food long distances. As a result, green approaches to food production and sales are an attractive avenue.

  • Urban Farming
  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Programming
  • Local Grocery Store or Cooperative

Green Transportation

Green transportation solutions are becoming more attractive both regarding environmental and community health.

  • Community Bike Share Program
  • Electric Bike and Scooter Dealership
  • Green Cab Company

Green Product Innovation and Consumer Goods Retail

Demand for safe, effective, non-toxic products that do not harm people and the environment is steadily growing.

  • Clothes made from organic and natural materials and processes
  • Natural Personal Care
  • Natural Household and Lawn Care
  • Online Retail

ReUse Leveraging

Recycled clothing and salvaged/repurposed furniture is growing in demand as a solution to tightened budgets and concern about waste.

  • Salvage Expertise
  • Furniture Production
  • Recycled Clothing

Green, Grassroots Community Lending and Microfinancing

Trusted community leaders with financial backgrounds are launching non-profit green microfinancing institutions (MFIs) and establishing green microlending programs.

  • Green Microfinancing
  • Community Lending Circle
  • Online Finance Company

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