Improving Marketing for Local Small Businesses

The first new marketing platform being sought by local small businesses is ecommerce integration. As mobile device use has risen over 50% this year, the sharp rise is attributed to improved content readability. From PC and Laptop sized screens to the mini-screens of hand held smart phones, there is a direct relationship between more sophisticated scalable software and users pushing less buttons to quickly get to the sites and businesses they seek.

For example a local business developed such a marketing plan online that brings device users seeking information to their online doorstep is Advance Insurance, home-based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The new mobile responsive approach attracts online readers interested in starting a business of their own and upon finding everything they need to know about risks and available coverage on any size screen within the reach of their fingertips converts them into online insurance clients.

The second desirable marketing model showing measurable success currently is easily demonstrated using a company dedicated to the world of Blenders. It’s hard to be on the internet without knowing Tom Dickenson, or recognizing his Brand: “Will it Blend?”. His high powered blender business was growing but the Modern Marketing Model this company recently adopted became viral in a very short time.

Mobile phone videos of Tom blending 50 marbles into glass dust on the slowest cycle (Ice Cream cycle), football blending, Cubic Zirconia “ice crush blended” into white chalk dust. It all became frenzied discussions at the office, at sporting events and work-out gyms. Tom Dickenson was everywhere, “The View” with Whoopie Goldberg, Facebook – What do you want me to Blend Next?”, Google+, YouTube videos, Pinterest, Twitter and on their incredible website. One marketing aspect of the Blendtec website is dedicated to their blender store, but a large portion is dedicated to viable content. Their intentional internet marketing strategy: blogging, Q & A Posts, Education, Information, Press Releases, Newsletters, and “Tracking Where Tom Dickenson was going day-to-day”. They introduced six of their company bloggers to the public and invited them to comment. In fact, on every platform these marketing wizards invited social interaction and solicited consumer input and ideas. Was this viral model an accidental success. No, this was a Marketing Model born of deep empathy with what consumers are currently wanting. Anticipation of where potential customers are going requires deep listening, analysis and constant exposure.

Small local businesses do not have bank to invest millions of dollars into developing a Brand, logo and public saturation. To slightly tweak a quote from a well-respected marketing guru, “if we can’t afford to get our name out there, we need to do everything we can to get their names in here!”. With the assistance of the internet, our third model of modern marketing cannot completely replace conventional methods of advertising such as flyers, billboards and newspaper ads, but using Social Media with a higher intensity of strategy and organization will reach more people faster, as more regularly.

Marketing strategists are finding companies that combine various social media platforms simultaneously with a technique of interesting content and humor develop a following of online readers which can be a less cost-intensive method of branding. Companies can become intimately involved with the thoughts and wants of online social groups that lend valuable insight into where peoples’ favorites, liking behaviors are trending. It is no longer sufficient to just place an add on Facebook every once in a while. The new communication intense model dictates that serious business marketers develop regular reader relationships on Twitter, Pinterest, youTube, Google+ as well as developing new blogging draws to keep internet readers on your own business websites. Companies like Lennar, Dream Kitchens have learned this approach well.

New marketing theories require innovation born from truly understanding the heart and minds of your target audience. These three examples show marketing innovation at its’ peak. Driving internet users to company websites is the critical move toward developing a relationship with future customers, then actually moving toward that conversion through Branding your company as caring, involved in your online community and reliably present where the customers socialize.