How To Make Your International Event A Success

Looking to hold an event abroad? For a lot of people hosting a conference in their own town is tough enough, but an international event can, if done right, be extremely successful. It’s a difficult task, but then you’re not in this business because you like an easy ride, right? Here are some simple tips to make sure your event is a roaring success.

Choose Your Date Wisely:

Not trying to teach you to suck eggs here, but if you don’t check what important events might clash with yours in your destination of choice then you could end up with a serious disaster on your hands. Do you really want to hold your event on the same day as a local festival? Or during a season prone to hurricanes? It’s possible to look at this two ways. Tie in with something happening locally to try and entice attendees over, or avoid local events to make sure the area is clear and free of distractions.

Budget Appropriately:

Remember that whatever incentives there may be for hosting an event abroad, such as tax breaks, great exchange rates and the like, there will be a lot of other costs involved. Obviously plane flights are going to be fairly expensive, depending on location, but what about the costs of transfers, pre-flight accommodation and other costs. Make sure that everything balances out or you could find the event costs spiralling out of control. Always make sure you have a contingency of at least 10 per cent in your budget, because you can guarantee that something will pop up at the last minute.

Experiment With Location:

Although it’s tempting to stick with a venue and location that has worked in the past, a change in location can rejuvenate a regular event. Employing the services of an event management company gives you access to a vast supply of knowledge and experience, meaning you won’t have to pick a location blind or on the recommendation of a sales person. Sometimes an independent pair of eyes can find the perfect location to keep your event fresh.

Go Native:

If you’re hosting an event overseas in a location you’re unfamiliar with, make sure that you employ the services of local people. A ground agent or Destination Management Company can help you get to grips with the local area, local customs and any laws and regulations you may have to adhere to.

Try to use local suppliers for any services you may require. Not only will it help the local economy, but it will also improve the carbon footprint of your event, something that is very important in the eyes of attendees.

The Devil’s In The Details:

Don’t let the excitement of hosting an international event take your eye of the ball. Think about all those tiny practicalities that can scupper a holiday and magnify them by a thousand and you can see the problems that arise if you don’t account for everything. Will people need vaccinations? What about a visa? Travel insurance? A good event management company can sort a lot of these issues out for you and help you get on with the business of promoting your event.     

These steps should help your event go off without too much trouble, but like any event nothing will go exactly to plan so just be ready to roll with the punches. If it sounds like it might be a bit too much, but you’re still set on the idea, then work with an experienced event management company to help take the strain off.

This article was supplied in association with event management company Banks Sadler