Marcus Evans Review – Providing Innovative Business Solutions

In a global economy that spawns fast-breaking technological advances every day, you can’t afford to let your business fall behind. That means keeping yourself and your employees up-to-date on important business strategies and innovative business solutions.

Marcus Evans’ reputation as a solid, reliable leader in business information is due in large part to its staff of 3,000 dedicated professionals who are committed to providing original thought and superior service to the organisations that place their trust in them.

With 59 locations around the globe, Marcus Evans is one of the world’s premier providers and promoters of global summits strategic conferences, business events and training, business information and market research, and corporate and sports hospitality.

Professional Business Training

Well-trained staff may be your most valuable resource. In fact, your reputation rests in their hands. Educated employees feel more confident, increasing morale and productivity for your business.

When seeking innovative and timely financial and business solutions, some of the world’s top 1,000 companies put their trust in the Marcus Evans Professional Business Training Division.

Marcus Evans attracts dynamic speakers and key thought-leaders to stage events that are tailored specifically to your sector or niche. With targeted research and in-depth analysis, Marcus Evans business training courses offer companies the information they need, including providing employees with the language and cultural skills necessary to compete on a global scale.

Business Conferences

With more than 2,000 unique B2B events every year, Marcus Evans conferences provide attendees with breaking news in particular industries. Each conference features knowledgeable leaders and key decision makers who deliver the information you want and need to hear to take your business to new heights.

Global Economic and Business Summits

Dynamic programs and strategic business information delivered in a luxurious setting is what attracts the world’s most intriguing business leaders to Marcus Evans economic and business summits. With exclusive programs and five star accommodations, attendees can network, share their expertise, and explore new strategies.

Corporate and Sports Hospitality

Fortune 500 companies around the world enjoy first class hospitality at some of the most exclusive cultural and sporting events. The sports hospitality division of Marcus Evans handles more than 350 major sporting events worldwide.

Film and Entertainment

For over 20 years, Marcus Evans has been providing exceptional original drama for television. Marcus Evans also represents actors, voice actors, and a diverse group of artists involved in all forms of entertainment.

About Marcus Evans

Marcus Evans is one of the world’s leading providers and promoters of global summits strategic conferences, professional training, in-Company training, business-to-business congresses, sports hospitality and on-line information. Find out more information about Marcus Evans by taking a look at the Marcus Evans advice on avoiding online scams and the Marcus Evans advice on how to get good online reviews.