A Marketer’s Guide to Accumulating Awesome Online Reviews

Despite the positive effect online reviews have on sales figures, many businesses overlook the opportunity to generate reviews or fail to understand the impact positive reviews have on potential customers. With the Local Consumer Review 2012 survey reporting that 52% of consumers use online reviews to determine which business to use and Bazaarvoice claiming that 51% of consumers consider online recommendations as valuable as personal recommendations from family and friends, it’s essential that businesses generate online reviews in order to maximise their rate of consumer conversion and increase sales.

Before attempting to generate reviews businesses must ensure they are visible on external review sites and present across a variety of social media channels. In order to write a review, consumers must first be able to find the business’s online profile. In addition to this, many businesses benefit from creating a page dedicated to reviews within their website. This can be a starting point for businesses struggling to create an online community as well as an opportunity to nurture existing leads and entice potential customers.

Whilst some consumers will find you and leave a review, many will need prompting. Businesses should engage with existing customers and ask them to write an online review for the business. By ensuring the business’s presence across social media channels, it’s highly likely the consumer will be able to write and publish a review easily. In addition to being visible to the user’s followers, companies can then publish the content again thus increasing the number of people who will view the recommendation.

Implementing an email marketing campaign specifically designed to generate reviews can yield results. Many businesses send these emails once a customer has placed an order as well as including a call to action within a weekly or monthly newsletter. Giving customers the opportunity to share their reviews publicly or privately can also increase the reach of the content and ensure the review is viewed by the maximum number of people.

Whichever methods businesses use to generate reviews, it’s essential that they continue to encourage customers to share their views and help influence potential customers. In addition to relying on existing customers to write reviews, businesses can even ask site visitors or leads to write a review of their experience. In addition to generating positive reviews for other potential consumers, the process can be used to nurture existing leads and increase the rate of customer conversion. By actively generating online reviews and seeking out the opinions of existing consumers and leads, businesses can gain an insight into customer opinion as well as influence potential customers and increase sales.

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