The EU’s Renewable Energy Triumph: How the UK Shapes Up

With sustainable power sources and technology improving all the time we have the capability to move towards a much cleaner future, but only a long-term and public commitment from governments around the world will make that vision a reality.

5 Ways Your Restaurant Can Go Green

The food sector accounts for 30% of total CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. This implies an environmental impact that can be reduced by adopting other types of habits and favoring local and seasonal products.

How Online Fax Benefits More Than the Environment

Online fax bridges traditional communication with technology in an utterly seamless fashion. If you like to take care of things as quickly and efficiently as possible, you’ll want a robust online fax service within your arsenal of tools.

The Best European Cities For Property Investments in 2017 has analyzed the 2008-2016 property price dynamics across 26 European cities and determined which markets investors should zero in on if they wish to earn or maintain capital in 2017.

Twitter Chat 3/29: #TimberlandXThread

Timberland and Thread just embarked on a new journey together with the release of the TimberlandXThread collection of footwear, bags and t-shirts featuring Thread’s “Ground to Good” fabric made from plastic bottles collected in Haiti.

A Smooth Office Relocation: How to Make the Most of a Big Move

In the list of life’s most stressful moments, moving home is normally right up there at the top for exhausted house-hunters – but those people have clearly never had to relocate an office before. Whether it’s the result of rising rent or a growing workforce, it’s a nightmare situation you suddenly find yourself having to … Continued

New Book Offers Guide to Social Enterprise and the Purpose-Driven Movement

BOISE, ID (February 28, 2017) – At a time when corporations are experiencing a global crisis in consumer trust, author Russ Stoddard chronicles a revolution in business with the release of his new book, Rise Up—How to Build a Socially Conscious Business. A special, early edition edition of Rise Up is now available for purchase … Continued

4 Unique Ways Going Green Can Improve Your Life

Going green does not only bring physical benefits, it also adds more value to you by making you more productive. For example, gardening makes you physically and socially more active apart from improving your mental health.