Torchbearers: Sustainable Jewelry Keeping Jobs Alive in the Florida Panhandle

A tribute to the hard-working oysterman, hand-forged in the Big Easy The Torchbearers Collection is a tribute to the Gulf Coast oyster and the hard-working men and women who bring it from the ocean to our plates. Each piece is assembled in New Orleans’ French Quarter by designer Ashley Porter, of Porter Lyons jewelry, using … Continued

How Fine is Your Data?

We find that as organizations move more toward continuous improvement, they also move toward finer grain tracking.

UK Sails Ahead With Green Offshore Wind Power

This nation once dominated the seas of the world. Now history is repeating itself in wind power. The UK is in the process of launching the world’s biggest fleet of offshore wind turbines. In just a few years, 10% of British electricity will be generated by offshore wind power.

6 Dangerous Gases and Toxins That Can Influence the Sale of a Home

6 Dangerous Gases and Toxins That Can Influence the Sale of a Home There’s a topic that’s slowly starting to dominate conversation in the real estate industry. The health of homes has made headlines in recent years. The issue has been amplified by the rise of green living. In green real estate markets where people … Continued

Coffee – In your Activewear?

Normally when someone says they’re wearing coffee, it’s because they’ve just spilled their morning addiction all over their suit. But now it could mean something way more OORRsome. In good news for the coffee obsessed (read 99.9% of cyclists and athletes), Australian cycling apparel brand OORR is launching the ‘OORR Cafe’ range on Kickstarter this … Continued

General Motors Partners with Environmental Firm For Circular Economy Inspired Solution to Office Waste

  In the U.S. alone, an estimated 17 billion pounds of office assets needlessly end up in landfill each year. This is an issue with a significant environmental impact that is rarely addressed by big business or talked about in North America. In a landmark announcement, General Motors has partnered with furniture company, Herman Miller, and environmental … Continued

Challenge Your Boss to Fight Extinction

Who wouldn’t want to dare their boss to a challenge that would put them ‘on the edge’? Perhaps seeing them sky dive, or getting a diamond nose piercing? Or even wearing a crazy costume to a company conference? Now there is a way you can legitimately and safely (e.g. keep your chances of a promotion) … Continued