6 Tips for Greening your Garden

There are several benefits of gardening. In addition to producing nutritious, organic food for you and your family, gardening can also save you money and provide you with a relaxing, rewarding hobby.

Below are 6 Tips for Greening your Garden. Do you have more?


Show Us Your Green– Just in time for Earth Day!

Want to make an impact this Earth Day but don’t have time to plant a tree? Plant your eco-seed funding on-line with three women-owned projects that are making an impact on the community and the planet. From eco mentors for youth, and earth-friendly laundry soap, to a web series that helps urbanites grow their own food, by funding these projects you can put your money where your heart is.


Earth Day & A Huge Missed Opportunity

Official Earth Day t-shirts without sustainable materials or manufacturing? A huge missed opportunity we should address next year.

Survey on Cleantech Jobs

Let Important Media know what features you think it should include in its new jobs site.