New Book Offers a Feminist’s Guide to a Better Kind of Marriage

Everyone tells you marriage is hard, but no one tells you what to do about it. As journalist Jo Piazza began planning her own wedding she realized that American marriage traditions focus more on the perfect dress, the Instagram-worthy decorations, and the menu than on how to make a real, lasting, joy-filled commitment.

Masdar Writing Competition: Win a Trip to Abu Dhabi

The 2017 Engage Global Social Media Competition is open to all citizens across the globe 18 years of age or older. The winner will be flown to Abu Dhabi, with airfare, ground transportation within Abu Dhabi and accommodation paid by Masdar.

Can Earth’s crisis be avoided?

The Earth has given and preserved life for millions of years, but in the last century the human race has managed to accelerate the loss of resources and failed to makeup for the shortfall in the future.

What can you learn as a Kinship Fellow?

Interested in accelerating conservation outcomes in your work? The Kinship Fellows program is accepting applications for its 2017 program.

Private Sector Landlord Embraces Cleaner Commutes

The first privately-run electric bus fleet in the U.S. is preparing to take to the streets of Chicago, marking a new era in both socially conscious building amenities and a recognition from landlords that investing in green transportation makes good business sense.