Financial Company Brand Strength Remains Related to Sustainability Factors

Two years ago, CSRHub and Brand Finance collaborated on a study about the relationship between Brand Finance’s Brand Strength Index (BSI) and CSRHub’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) metrics.  We found a correlation of 28% between these factors for a set of more than 1,000 companies from a wide range of industries. Since then, CSRHub and … Continued


Shower Bucket Challenge

Shower Bucket Challenge takers are asked to film a short video of themselves taking a shower with another person using a single bucket of water. In addition to increasing awareness about the need to conserve water, the campaign seeks to address systemic shortcomings in California’s outdated water policies.

Motoring Advice: Saving Money and the Environment When Buying a Car

Whatever your political stand point is on global warming, the inescapable truth is that the emissions we are putting into our atmosphere are causing damage. New green-taxes and legislations also mean that having a car which pumps larger amounts of toxic gases into the atmosphere is becoming more and more expensive.


Wellness Travel: Meeting Consumer Demand & Serving Public Good

Defining wellness poses a challenge to academics and businesses but even more formidable has been facilitating higher levels of individual, social and national well-being. Epidemic levels of stress, obesity, sleep problems and lack of balance between home and work are drivers to the surging interest in wellness, affecting the way businesses operate.

New Year = New Behaviors. Let’s make 2015 the year we ditch disposables!

GO Box is the first reusable take-out container system available to the public that makes it easier to avoid the single-use disposables we encounter on a daily basis. GO Box has eliminated 50,000 disposable take-out containers and counting in Portland, Oregon since its inception three years ago. Now, it is coming to the San Francisco … Continued


Live online Circular Economy Q&A – 8th Jan

Join BT, BAM Construct, Riversimple, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Corporate Citizenship for a live, online circular economy Q&A session on Thursday 8th January at 4:00PM GMT. Submit your questions in advance or join us live to follow the discussion.

Join Triple Pundit, PwC, PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc. and Campbell Soup Company for a special Twitter Chat about sustainability and CR trends for 2015

WHAT: This chat will explore the big issues in corporate responsibility that are bubbling up in the year ahead. We’ll take the conversation from basic issues like compliance, reporting and philanthropy to more evolved topics like integrated reporting, b-corps, and triple bottom line philosophy. We’ll cover hot button issues for 2015, what we predict will captivate … Continued