Employer Stock Opportunities: Should You Buy In or Not?

Investing in stock requires careful analysis of the market and the company you’re looking to invest in. No matter how great you might think the company is, if they’re not doing so great in the stock market, investing really doesn’t make much sense.

Marine care: how to look after your yacht

Yachts have forever been the preserve of the rich, the kind of luxury you’d see in The Wolf of Wall Street or an episode of Entourage. Hundreds of scantily-clad women gyrate on these yachts, while rap music thuds from a thousand-dollar stereo and cigar-toting fat cats guzzle champagne and caviar on a hull that looks … Continued


B Corps TriplePundit & ClimateCare Join Forces To Cut Global Emissions and Encourage Others to Take Action

Online sustainability publication Triple Pundit has partnered with climate and sustainable development experts ClimateCare to offset the carbon emissions associated with its operations in 2016 through the multiple award-winning LifeStraw Carbon for Water project. The purchase of carbon credits helps finance this project which delivers safe water to more than 4 million people in Kenya, generating significant carbon reductions, while enhancing the health and economic circumstances of local communities.

Announcing GRI Conference 2016

Join GRI and up to 1,500 sustainability leaders from around the globe to exchange leading-edge knowledge on best practices, innovations and trends that are empowering sustainable decisions and changing the world.

Review Your Approach to Acquiring New Business

Once a company is well established it can sometimes get hard to acquire new business. Whether it’s the market that’s taken a hit, your marketing tactics that aren’t quite working anymore, or that you’ve simply hit a stale trading period; there are so many different ways that you can acquire new business by reviewing your … Continued

The Banking Education Model

Paulo Freire introduced the concept of “Banking Education” in his seminal work, Pedagogy of the Oppressed. In this model, we perceive a kid as an empty vessel to be filled by the teacher. “Instead of communicating, the teacher issues communiques and makes deposits which the students patiently receive, memorize, and repeat. This is the “banking” … Continued


Twitter Chat w Essilor 1/27: #SeeChange

Join Essilor’s Chief Corporate Mission Officer, Jayanth Bhuvaraghan, and Vice Dean for Education at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Professor Kevin Frick, along with the Founder of Business Fights Poverty, Zahid Torres-Rahman, and TriplePundit for a conversation about the economic and social benefits of vision correction on January 27 at 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm GMT / 9.30pm IST at #SeeChange.

How technology is changing the world of lawyers

It’s a true saying, “if you want to thrive in today’s world, you better get techy.” Lawyers are no exemption. In this article, we will discuss how lawyers are using specific technologies in their law practices to improve how they deal with cases as well as other job-related contingencies. Lawyers are getting caught-up with the … Continued

How A Quiet Revolution Is Changing The Way We Work

Over the past decade, it’s become increasingly important for employees to have the ability to travel and be mobile for work purposes such as business meetings. Companies like Asure Software make this possible with cloud-based solutions such as resource scheduling, asset management, space utilization software, and business analytics.