Join an Important New Sustainability Conversation Convening at Harvard

I’ve been asking senior leaders, “Do you think management-driven hierarchy, or the command control operating system that predominates almost all sectors, is adequate for tackling a complex adaptive challenge like sustainability? Or is it adequate for tackling our other complex 21st century challenges?” No one is saying yes. The single most unique leadership demand of … Continued

The Argument for E-Cigs

Smoking is a killer. This is an undisputed fact which has been on the health agenda of the modern world for more than half a century. According to the World Health Organisation, tobacco smoking is the single most important cause of preventable deaths in the world. Fortunately, with new tax and advertising restrictions coming into force all … Continued

Being Friendly: Responsible Ways to Use Energy

In an age of global warming, the less energy we can consume the better. We use it in our homes and in our business or at work in some form or other, so it’s up to all of us to use energy responsibly. How can we use it in a more eco-friendly way? Here are … Continued

Why Sacred Places Matter

In the last month, Native Hawaiians blockaded construction machinery headed for the top of sacred Mauna Kea, where a 30-meter telescope is to be built.

Creating Transformational Change: Translating Sustainability inside the C-Suite

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center is partnering with VOX Global for Creating Transformational Change: Translating Sustainability in the C-Suite, an exclusive day and a half day executive leadership training program for Chief Sustainability Officers and senior sustainability executives.

The Green Car Trade

The green car trade is something that has been on the rise for quite some time; however it has only recently started to come in to its own here in the UK. Although we may be relatively new to the phenomenon, sales in green cars have quadrupled over the last year alone; proving that the … Continued

Job Opportunity: MeterHero Data Specialist

Are you really good at data research? Do you obsess about details? Are you excited to do work that solves problems like climate change and water scarcity? MeterHero is looking for you. Come join our growing team in a fastpaced startup that is changing how people manage their water and energy usage. Company Overview MeterHero tracks water and energy … Continued

How The Mini Cooper Pocket Sized Style Has Impacted The Compact Auto Market

For those that aren’t aware of the benefits and drawing factors of this latest release from the brand, the pocket-sized option is perhaps the best thing to come to compact vehicles in a long time. It’s luxury in a space-saving, fuel efficient, and highly customizable design.