SOCAP16 Preview

SOCAP16 takes place September 13th-16th at Fort Mason, in San Francisco, CA. Join more than 2,500 change makers, impact investors, social entrepreneurs, and related thought leaders at the world’s largest conference dedicated to increasing the flow of capital toward social good.

Twitter Chat with United Technologies: #TheGreenEngine

United Technologies knows that innovation takes time. Especially innovation that will change the world. The new PurePower® Geared Turbofan™ engine breaks all the rules. Learn more on August 23rd!

Conveners Global Events Calendar

This calendar is an initiative of designed to create one-stop-shop for happenings in the impact ecosystem.

Top Seven Apps for Busy Business Owners

If you feel like you’re working too hard, there are probably apps that can help you in various parts of your company. Your employees will also appreciate the ability to stay connected, have access to everything they need, and be able to handle their business expenses quickly and easily.

4 Green Renovations your Business Needs to Consider

Eco-refurbishment might seem like a contradiction, but it’s something your business should be considering this summer. You won’t just be feeding the pollution monster that is the construction industry, but instead allowing for sustainable green practises to be adopted. Implementing eco-friendly solutions to some of your business’s energy-guzzling areas is an important step in the … Continued

5 Ways to Increase Value From Your Carbon Offset Programme

Reducing carbon emissions and offsetting what remains is the only way to take full responsibility for your carbon impacts, but how can you make a strong business case for action and demonstrate a business return from this activity?

Swipe Your Way To Less Clutter With The New Stuffstr App

Figuring out what to do with unwanted things is often stressful, whether you’re downsizing, getting rid of clutter, or just want to find a home for stuff you’re not using. Stuffstr gives you item specific recommendations for what you can do!

Demand for Sustainability Spreads into Established Industries

More and more people are learning about sustainability and how important it is to seek out products and services derived from sustainable sources. This has led to ever increasing demand for sustainable options, which is now seeping into established industries.

Four Ways to Fend Off Fraud Against Your Business

Anti-fraud controls reduce losses and shorten the duration of the problem. Small business owners should consider using these ways to protect their businesses against fraud.