Here’s What You Need to Know About Online Marketing

The first, and main thing you need to know about online marketing is that it is still marketing. You don’t need to throw out everything you know about marketing just because you enter the online space. Speaking of space, if some day we should find ourselves in space, marketing will be the same there as … Continued

Research Shows that Volunteering Improves the Well-Being of Your Office

As it turns out, volunteering is much more than just an altruistic pastime. Beyond doing something good, helping out charitable organizations has been touted to improve mental and physical health, as well as a person’s general well-being. In light of these benefits, lots of businesses are jumping on the philanthropy bandwagon. According to the CEO … Continued

Save Money by Reducing Your Business’s Paper Usage

According to The World Counts, “U.S. offices use 12.1 trillion sheets of paper a year.” Between printing documents, mailing, notes, presentations, memos, invoices, and customer information pieces, paper is constantly being consumed on a grand scale. This is a problem for a myriad of reasons; the primary reason for business is that it’s expensive, but … Continued


New eBook Profiles 2015 Change Makers

Oliver Russell has released a new eBook profiling 25 influential and inspirational “Change Makers.” Spanning two years of interviews, the book covers men and women from around the world and across a variety of backgrounds.


Twitter Chat with SAP 12/17: “Create the World” You Want to Live In

Join TriplePundit, SAP, and our esteemed guest panel for a special Twitter chat that will reflect on the state of the world from our young leaders and their visions before entering 2016. Next year is the year to “Create the World” they want to live in. Join us on Thursday, December 17th at 8am PST / 11am EST at #SAPYouthChat.