Survey on Cleantech Jobs

Let Important Media know what features you think it should include in its new jobs site.

The Importance of Ecological Responsibility for Businesses

In recent years the issue of Corporate Social Responsibility has been increasingly debated, and there are many reasons for which businesses may adopt it. Also known as sustainability, CSR is a series of strategies taken by a corporation to become more environmentally friendly and ethical, measuring and improving its social and environmental impact. Becoming an … Continued

Biting the Hand That Overfeeds Us

Citizens make conscious choices about how they want to live and who they want to be. Consumers, well, consume. Words matter, and I’m pretty sure that “consumer” is bad for business and bad for the economy.

New Report Features Business Best Practices in Education

An educated workforce is crucial to America’s long-term success. Our latest report, Co-Designing the Future, showcases how the private sectors equips students with the skills they need to succeed.