It is Possible to Profit from Reducing Climate Change

James Cameron on Climate Change
by Chip Comins, Founder of American Renewable Energy Day

There has been a great deal of discussion about climate change, environmental degradation, and the opportunities and solutions presented by clean technology. Environmentalists were initially inspired by Rachel Carson in Silent Spring, while forward thinking business leaders found credence in Amory Lovin’s Natural Capitalism: turn talk into action and break down barriers now. Quickly.

Our culture has the tendency toward reductionism.  We categorize and compartmentalize everything from environmental issues to professional pursuits. Rarely, do separate entities in government, business, and entertainment come together to solve big societal issues. However, this cross-collateralization of ideas and policies can have a powerful impact and be a practical solution. Together, at one table, leaders from all sectors could mobilize around focused, tangible solutions to address climate change.

The founders of American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) created a unique opportunity to bring power brokers like Ted Turner, James Cameron, Timothy E. Wirth, Amory Lovins, Dr. Sylvia Earle together for the purpose of collaborative dialogue followed by action. Since 2004, AREDAY is proud of two main accomplishments.  First, bringing people from very different sectors together to work towards renewable energy solutions.   Second, AREDAY is proud that the annual Summit has emerged as a stepping-stone between the World Climate Summit and the Clinton Global Initiative.

The future is what excites AREDAY leadership with a clear plan to create a renewable energy institute that launches the ACT – Market (AREDAY Clean Technology Market). This financial market intends to engage the capital markets in Aspen, a place perfectly poised for such a market due to the heavy concentration of capital. One tangible outcome of the AREDAY Summit, which will take place August 17-21, 2011 is a Road Map.  The Road Map is a publication that will outline the conclusions of the panelists from each panel session. The intent is to present the findings and solutions at the Clinton Global Initiative in September 2011.

When asked why he was stepping into the renewable energy market, Ted Turner answered at the 2010 AREDAY Summit, “the greatest economic opportunity in the next 30-40 years will be in clean energy – cause we have to retrofit the entire energy system in the world—and I want to set an example.” AREDAY wants to set an example too.  By bringing leadership, connectivity, political will, and financial power together, we can breathe clean air back into our environment and financial power back into our economy.

You can also be part of the solution.  To get involved in the conversation and track the solutions resulting from this collaboration, go to