Promoting Your Event Through Facebook

Facebook is not just a forum for sharing news and baby pictures with friends – it’s also a powerful networking tool that can fuel interest in company, product and events with minimal input from you.

If you’re reading this, chances are you already have a professional page for your company, hopefully with regular content being added to it. A new event gives you a chance to reach existing likers and add influential new ones, quickly and cheaply.

An obvious, yet often under-utilised, option Facebook offers is the chance to sell event tickets directly through your page. Most tickets sellers now have Facebook integration as standard, so check yours does before committing.

Your Facebook page is a window on your event to those thinking of attending, so target content – such as early bird offers – at them, give interesting and regular updates about modules, speakers and networking opportunities as they get firmed up, and generally interact to keep their interest in your company, and its event, high.

While early bird tickets are a great way to make your Facebook fans feel both special and as though they have got something at a better price than others who are not in the fan loop, consider also live-streaming your event on your Facebook page so that those not able to attend for whatever reason are still able to enjoy its wit and wisdom. Facebook offers the facility for live streaming for free, although you’d be wise to make it pay per view otherwise there’s no incentive for anyone to buy tickets.

As well as playing to your existing Facebook audience, consider how to grow and enhance it. One good tool for this is Facebook ads,, especially in the light of statistics showing that people connected to companies on Facebook spend more as customers than those who are not.

You have plenty of choices about how your advert looks and who it targets, so whether you simply want to get more likes on your professional page or highlight a specific post or event, this social advertising approach is likely to have something that appeals to everyone. Crucially, you’ll be visible to people who are not yet aware of you, so while there is some financial outlay, done well it is a gamble that should pay off.

Finally, don’t be shy about banging the drum about your event online, particularly once tickets are on sale. As long as you’re giving out some new information each time and not just repeating the same status word-for-word each day, you’re giving your followers value – and most likely inspiring more of them to actually attend.

This article has been provided by Meetings Four You, who provide high quality meeting rooms in Bristol, Oxford and across the UK.