Reason #1 to Attend SXSW Eco 2013: Broaden Your Horizons

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August 13th, 2013 | 0 Comments

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Panels Audience

Panel Audience // Amy Price

Maybe you’re a clean energy entrepreneur, an urban farmer, a Director of Sustainability or a green builder. SXSW Eco has sessions and events that will increase your knowledge of your particular field of interest and show you the most innovative initiatives occurring now. A factor that sets SXSW Eco apart, however, is that It also gives you the opportunity to discover fascinating aspects and topics outside of your area that will encourage you to think outside of the box. 3D Printing is being used for food production?

Maybe you’ll learn a way to apply it to your business to increase efficiency and make a positive impact.Biomimicry helped Sprint with green packaging? Maybe the same principles can apply to your system and you can learn to rework your organization with nature as your guide. You never know what tips and tricks lie behind the doors of the next session that will spark a solution for your own particular challenge. It’s the diverse people and topics that converge at Eco that encourage innovations and collaboration among all of our attendees. Don’t miss this very unique opportunity to discover new ideas and connections. Register today to ensure the best choice of hotel at the lowest rate!

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