Ski Resorts Join Businesses in Call to Action on Climate Change

The ski industry wants the U.S. federal government to take the lead in tackling the issue of climate change and energy policy. Joining forces with Ceres, Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy (BICEP), and a host of other large businesses, ski industry representatives from 108 ski areas and resorts in 24 states have already signed the Climate Declaration, calling on lawmakers to address the issue they see as having a direct impact on their livelihood.

In the U.S., the ski industry represents about 160,000 jobs and generates about $12.2 billion a year.

Other interested parties, individuals as well as company representatives, are encouraged to sign the Declaration at The declaration reads, in part:

“The very foundation of our country is based on fighting for our freedoms and ensuring the health and prosperity of our state, our community, and our families. Today those things are threatened by a changing climate that most scientists agree is being caused by air pollution. We cannot risk our kids’ futures on the false hope that the vast majority of scientists are wrong. […]

“In order to make this happen, however, there must be a coordinated effort to combat climate change – with America taking the lead here at home. Leading is what we’ve always done. And by working together, regardless of politics, we’ll do it again.”

Among other companies signing the document are Levi Strauss & Co., General Motors Co., adidas Group, Nestle, and Nike, Inc. Additional signatures include investors, as well as representatives of large and small businesses.

“We welcome the ski industry as allies in our work on climate and energy issues and as signatories of the Climate Declaration,” said Anne Kelly, director of BICEP. “This is an industry that cannot be off-shored, and they are calling for climate action here at home. Policymakers must realize that the old political paradigm of ‘It’s the environment or the economy; pick one’ is a false choice. American businesses are ready to combat climate change, and policymakers should join them in leading the way.”