Small Business Ideas for the Young Entrepreneur

Every single young entrepreneur wants success. One of the main problems facing young entrepreneurs today though, is the competition; it is fierce and unrelenting, and only the most innovative and perceptive young people can succeed in a business marketplace that is constantly being flooded with new technology and new ideas. The now all-encompassing power of the intenet and technology in general has had an immeasurable impact on the opportunities available to us, and the ways in which we now do business. But this doesn’t mean that traditional business ideas are passé, nor does it mean that simple small businesses cannot thrive. Have a look below for some of the most accessible and potentially lucrative small business ideas.

Ebay Seller

You might think that operating a business through Ebay is below your talents. Well think again. With millions upon millions of users worldwide, Ebay is now by far the most recognised and heavily populated web-based marketplace, meaning that it has without doubt the biggest customer base you are going to find online. Millions of people have made their money operating businesses through this platform, and the keys to success are no different from more traditional businesses. Provided you have a quality product, competitive prices and impeccable customer service, there is very little that can go wrong.

Mobile App Developer

A phone is no longer just a phone. It is a digital camera, a personal organiser, a dictaphone, a torch, a watch, a games console, a guitar tuner, an ipod, a television, a newspaper rack, a satellite navigation system and the list goes on. In short, a smartphone can perform just about any task imaginable, provided it has an application allowing it to do so. Again, mobile apps may be relatively new technology, but the fundamentals for developing them are the same as any business; identify consumer demand. If you can develop and application that meets the needs of millions of people, it goes without saying that there is serious money to be made.


It seems only fair to put one traditional business on this list, and it’s inclusion is warranted. Why? Because everybody has to eat. Whilst some business ideas are heavily reliant on the trends of the time, food is one industry that will always be there. Of course, in-depth knowledge of the industry and an appreciation of good food are essential in this business. Possess these skills, and you may just have found a serious cash cow.

Where to Start?

Each of these ideas are highly feasible provided the correct business strategy is in place. But how to get started in the first place you may ask? How do I generate the revenue to begin? Well, if you truly believe in your idea, you shouldn’t let financial restraints hold you back, whether that means a new credit card or a loan from 1st Stop. Remember: in business a little belief goes a very long way.