How to target your green-thinking clients

Every company faces a difficult battle these days to gain new customers and to retain existing ones. The business world is highly competitive in the 21st century, so every opportunity to improve things needs to be taken seriously. One of the most effective marketing strategies involves door drops of materials aimed at specific communities.

Any firm which manufactures environmentally-friendly products or which provides green services are all too aware of the need to get their messages across. Consumers are deluged with information about the need to be kinder to the planet and its resources now, making it increasingly hard for companies to show their eco-credentials to any new customer base.

Needless to say, companies of all shapes and sizes can make the most of such opportunities to speak directly to consumers, thanks to the unique type of access that door drop marketing gives them. From multinational financial corporations to family-run cafes and restaurants, the benefits of such a strategy are clear, and of course the cost is not high.

Any company which is either providing green services or at least espousing greener thinking should make sure it practices what it preaches. There are a number of print suppliers which insist on using recycled paper, so it makes sense to use them instead of others. It’s easy to find a printing firm which shares your way of thinking by checking out the web when needed.

Don’t be too wordy with your leaflets

It isn’t always easy to cram all the information you deem necessary onto a small leaflet or brochure, so you should not overload the reader with too much to take in. The end result of such a strategy is usually the throwing away of such an item without it being read and absorbed. Remember to make it readable, informative and above all totally reader-friendly.

With so many other rivals looking to obtain new customers in a bid to succeed in their chosen market, every company needs to work extra hard to gain success now. A door drop campaign can hit the spot in an instant, but only if you think about what to say, what not to say and who to speak to.

In these difficult financial times, the best thing to be said about such a campaign is the relatively low cost of it all. Printing and distribution are inexpensive, especially when compared to media platforms such as radio and TV. And you can be sure of targeting a demographic that matches your customer base.