Three Crucial Factors for Your Business Event

Thinking of putting on an event? It’s a tough marketplace out there and both exhibitors and attendees are being more discerning with where they put their money than ever. Before you jump in with both feet, take some time to consider exactly what you’re hoping to achieve with your event and why you think it will succeed. Here are three points that are of particular importance to the success or failure of your project.

1.      The Concept. It all starts here. It’s really not enough to pull in some guest speakers and offer people a series of talks and a place to network. Remember that with the huge variety of social networking sites on offer, a large proportion of networking happens online and people have relationships in place long before they meet face to face. If you want your event to be successful you need to think of something that really sets it apart and makes potential attendees want to sign up, whether that’s exhibitors or visitors.

2.      The Venue. Think very carefully about your venue. Is it near transportation hubs? What’s the parking like? A variety of hotels nearby to suit a range of budgets? These are all things that need to be considered, as well as other issues such as access for the disabled. Get any of these things wrong and you risk alienating your audience before they even consider signing up.

3.      The Technology. Are you exploiting the power of modern technology? Whether you like it or not social networking platforms, smartphones and the internet are integral to people’s lives. Are you actively using social media to create pre-show buzz and to make those who can’t attend feel part of the event? What about an event app so people don’t have to carry around an A4 booklet all day, but have all the information they need on their phone or tablet?

Putting together a successful event is a lot of hard work, and the points above just barely scratch the surface. Don’t forget all the risk assessments, health and safety compliance, budget control, administration duties and more. If it all seems a little daunting then you’re not alone and there are event management companies who can take up your idea and make it a reality. Calling in the professionals could make the difference between your event being a damp squib or a big bang.

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