How Touchscreen POS Systems Can Enhance Productivity

Touch screen technology is becoming more and more popular across a vast array of industries. It is having a huge impact on the way businesses work and perform and the results are improving both consumers’ and employees’ life.

Any business, regardless of the sector, will experience some sort of time-consuming, laborious task and the technology has revolutionised this to enhance productivity. Businesses can interact with their workforce and customers much more easily and the efficiency for everyone can be boosted.

But just how can a firm benefit from a touch screen system? Here is an expert guide.

•Issue/query handling

Whatever sector your business is based in, customers will always ask questions, have issues/complaints and require some form of answer. Touchscreen systems can act as a customer aid to help resolve problems without the assistance of a staff member. This proves popular in the retail industry in shopping centres for example, or in busy trading locations when there is a shortage of staff.

•Cut costs

The way a POS system works is that it simplifies a number of functions such as payment, or ticketing and therefore this can save you money. The need for a staff member giving out tickets at a train station is removed and instead consumers can buy and print off via a kiosk. The cost of a worker’s wage is cut.

•Increase target audience

A kiosk offers the opportunity for a business to reach further and more targeted audiences. For example, kiosks offer internet browsing so a consumer can browse a product/service in-store which is great for people that do not have access to the web at home.

Alternatively, there are some consumers that do not like paying in cash and touch screen technology enables you to pay via card.


In such a fast moving society, it is now imperative that all businesses stay up-to-date with the latest technology. Consumers’ needs have evolved and speed is imperative- a POS system is by far the fastest method than traditional computers.

This means it is the solution to queue busting. No-one likes waiting and a kiosk can take the stress away from your consumers. A streamlined system ensures that your customers are taken care of quickly and efficiently and therefore this increases your sale numbers.

•Ease workloads

One of the most beneficial functions of kiosks is that they can ease the staff’s workload. Less menial jobs like paperwork, checking-in and payment can be taken care of so workers can spend the majority of their time ensuring customer experience is high. E.g. a patient can check themselves in at doctor surgeries and hospitals leaving receptionists to concentrate on other aspects of their work.

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