TraX mobile app launching on Indiegogo ~ Rewarding Reusables Everywhere!

traxBerkeley, CA July 8th, 2013 – TraX is launching a new crowdfunding campaign on in order to develop their initial mobile app. TraX seeks to be the first mobile platform to track and reward consumers for their use of reusables at large and small stores. The mission is to help remove single-use disposables  (SUD) from the shopping experience by positive incentives.

Indiegogo Campaign:

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Indiegogo Category: Environment

Campaign Hashtag: #TraX

Funding Goal: $49,000

TraX Story: Current attention of single-use disposable bags, cups, to-go containers, and more has gained international media attention. This momentum has been primarily focused on consumer penalties, store fees, city bans, and other restrictions in order to reduce waste and pollution. While TraX supports this legislation, the company seeks to create a direct incentive model to reward and acknowledge consumers for their use of reusables. On average Americans consume  500 disposable cups and  500 disposable bags each year, that’s over  300 Billion in disposable waste into the environment. TraX provides a consistent “thank-you” everywhere consumers use reusable cups, bags, to-go containers, garment bags, cutlery and more related items.

TraX allows users to self-track their own reusable items, locate their store name, and share it with social networks to increase the visability of this consumer trend towards reusable items. TraX Rewards: TraX dual mobile apps (Apple iOS & Android) will function to pay participating consumers 25¢ per action, (limited to 4 per day for a total of $1), to track their own actions and geo-tag retail stores shopped at (Foursquare API). The user rewards are facilitated by their partner company Tango Card to be redeemed as cash, retail gift cards, or donated. The user has total flexibility over their rewards and TraX provides a consistent experience at every store. TraX seeks to put disposable waste into the past!

TraX Model & Market: TraX is a for-profit venture that will be funded by large international retail stores, local retail stores, top eco-product companies, and other sustainable brands. . The company operates in the cafe, grocery, retail, convenience, and pharmacy verticals. The first version of the mobile app will be developed by an app firm in San Francisco California, not outsourced overseas. The reward is to encourage more usage of reusables and grow this behavior among more mainstream consumers. The company plans to target over  60 million Americans in various demographic regions and markets. TraX Campaigns: During the Indiegogo campaign, TraX is also running pilot programs for sustainable product brands, by leveraging mobile photo sharing apps such as Instagram & Facebook. Initial partner rewards are from ChicoBag, Clean Water Fund, and Simply Straws to pay participants their 25¢ rewards.

For more information regarding this release please contact:

Jared Brick ~ Founder + Director at TraX, LLC 415-845-7632

Heidi Smith – Co-founder + CTO

Saba Mohammad – Media Coordinator

Fred Schechter- Campaign Manager