The Business Of Biking

At Triple Pundit we’ve long advocated the healthy, practical benefits of commuting and recreating by bicycle. A growing number of companies do too. This series hopes to build the business case for promoting cycling at the workplace and advocating for bicycle infrastructure. We have teamed up with People for Bikes to make this series possible.

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Photo Essay: 19 Separated Bike Lane Innovations

Over the last year, we've shown how protected bike lanes and the higher biking rates they bring are great for the U.S. economy.…
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Study: How Cyclists Think About Sustainability

Even though people’s best sustainability intentions don’t necessarily translate into consistent action, cyclists of all ages, tire preferences and political persuasions are thinking…
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Millennials: Why They Bike

Is the Age of the Automobile over? Driving and car ownership is declining, and younger generations, beginning most notably with Millennials, are embracing…

A Brief History of Cycling in Denmark & Netherlands

Investment in infrustructure was key to building a culture of cycling as a preferred transportation method in Denmark and the Netherlands.
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How Bike-Loving Mayors Make Bike-Friendly Cities

U.S. mayors looking to attract and retain startups and their employees, or reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality, are diversifying their cities’…
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Investing in Biking Yields a Big Bang for Portland’s Public Buck

Portland's been a leading light when it comes to investing in biking and factoring biking and walking into its integrated transportation, socioeconomic development…

Why Cities are Supporting Bike Sharing Programs

It's a quiet revolution. More than 400 communities across the globe have endorsed bike sharing programs, and the numbers are continuing to climb.…
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A How-To Guide for Companies Looking to Encourage Bike Commuters

As companies seek ways to improve productivity, keep employees engaged and reduce health care costs, a bicycling program is one perk businesses must…

Vancouver, San Francisco: Bike Lanes Boost Revenue for Retailers

Retailers are getting behind cities like Vancouver and New Westminster in BC, Canada as they widen their bike lanes, revamp their streets and…
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How Bicycling Cuts Health Care Costs for Businesses

From America’s bicycling hub of Portland to countries around the world, evidence suggests bicycling to work can save companies money on health care…

How Biking Improves Employee Productivity

Why would an employer undertake the additional expense of supporting employee bicycling, with all the pressures already weighing on the bottom line? Supporting…

Wheels of Change: the Rise of Bicycling in America

Bicycling in America is changing: it’s getting bigger, better and broader.