In Our Sights: a Signed Climate Commitment in Paris

A TriplePundit Series in Partnership with Novozymes

This fall, all eyes are on the city of Paris, which will host this December’s COP21, widely expected to be our last chance to get a global commitment to halt climate change. While the UN talks themselves will be crowded with policymakers and state representatives, in the intervening months, there will be many upcoming opportunities for the business community to get involved. In the run-up to COP21 we’ll be hosting a series of articles on the history of the talks, ideal outcomes, individual commitments as they develop and best practices for companies who want to participate.

Alongside the series, we’ll be hosting a 24/7 conversation on Twitter at #GoParis to share news, ideas and updates on how businesses can get involved. Join the conversation! We’ll be listening.


Paris Was Just the Beginning

Now that we've all had a chance to celebrate, the hard work begins. Here are some of the ways the business sector will…

$436B in Global Fossil Fuel Subsidies!

The U.S. has been lauded for a $400 million contribution to the Green Climate Fund, but out of its dirtier, more malevolent pocket,…
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How to Use the UN Sustainable Development Goals for Corporate Impact

"The purpose of our company IS sustainability," said Claus Stig Pedersen, head of corporate sustainability at Novozymes. That's why the organization has decided…

COP Out: What if There’s No Climate Deal in Paris?

Before we get ahead of ourselves theorizing how we move forward in case of failure in Paris, we should first ask what success…
Climate and Prosperity: COP21 marks the end of a transitional year for human development

Climate and Prosperity: Two Roads Converge in Paris

For far too long the challenges of global prosperity, sustainable development and climate change have shared a common ambition for a better world,…

Why We’re Still Going to Paris

COP21 is most definitely scheduled to proceed with multiple heads of state including President Obama planning to attend. We too we will be…

Solving Climate Change One (Hundred) Busted Fridges at a Time

San Francisco-based company EOS Climate wants to change the way the world looks at the refrigerant market -- and, in the process, reduce…
come hell or high water

Join the COP21 Conversation at #GoParis!

Heard about COP21 taking place in Paris this winter? Now, earn more and join in the conversation before the main event! Visit #GoParis…

Off-the-Shelf Technology Can Halt Climate Change Now

As we approach the climate talks in Paris this December, we want to make sure delegates understand technology is not the problem. A…

Carbon Pricing: Putting a Cost on the Environmental Instigators of Climate Change

We speak with Joe Madden, CEO and co-founder of EOS Climate, about the complex process of carbon pricing, and why some believe that…
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Why We Need Science-Based Targets at COP21

In advance of COP21, countries have come forward with voluntary targets, known as Intended Nationally Determined Contributions. But by and large, those targets…

National Carbon Commitments: Good, But Good Enough?

The UNFCCC's deadline has passed, and a preliminary vote is in: We've slashed the projected global temp for the next century, but not…

Scandinavian Corporations Explain Their Business Case for COP21 #GoParis

The conversation begins just outside of Copenhagen, where we had the opportunity to sit down with Peder Holk Nielsen, CEO of Novozymes, a…

History of Climate Negotiations up to Paris COP21

The upcoming United Nations climate negotiations are shaping up to be the biggest, potentially most historic gathering of global climate and environment leaders…
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