Corporate Responsibility And Internet Security

Protecting Customers, Company and Community

The future of business lies within a wholly digital and connected world. Without the right systems in place to manage and protect the enterprise, however, businesses run the risk of overexposure and vulnerability for exploitation. This presents a new mantra: if it’s connected, it must be protected. In this series, we will outline some of the data security challenges facing companies and showcase data protection as both a business and social imperative.

Launched in June by Secretary Hillary Clinton at the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative America meeting, Symantec Cyber Career Connection (SC3) seeks to address the global workforce gap in cyber security and provide new career opportunities for young adults who may not be college-bound. In partnership with leading educational and workforce development non-profits YearUp and NPower, the program attracts, educates and trains underserved young adults (ages 18-29) to enter the exciting and in-demand field of cyber security.
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Symantec Pledges to Engage 1M Students in STEM by 2020

According to the Symantec, cybersecurity jobs are one of the fastest-growing fields in IT, but there are not enough qualified applicants to fill…

Targeted Marketing and Online Privacy

It is often said that if you get a something for free (à la Google or Facebook), you aren't the customer, you're the…

Symantec Brings Cyber Security Jobs to HS Grads

Launched in late June with non-profits Year Up, Life Journey and NPower, the Symantec Cyber Career Connection prepares high school grads to take…

Symantec Twitter Chat Recap: “Bridging the Workforce and Diversity Gaps”

Join TriplePundit, Symantec, Shared Value Initiative and Susan McPherson on Twitter to learn about “Bridging the Workforce and Diversity Gaps." Follow along on…
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Users Concerned About Data Security, Companies Slow to Respond

Although online data can provide great benefit, it presents numerous security issues as well, and consumer demand for security is largely unmet.
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Small Business Survival: The Real Risks with Viral Success

We're in the age of the disruptive sharing economy startup, when viral success may seem like it's just around the corner. But the…
Symantec partner YearUp provides urban young adults with the skills, experience, and support to get professional jobs.

Behind the Scenes: A Look at the Creation of Symantec’s Signature CSR Program

Symantec is using philanthropy dollars to fund STEM education initiatives in the security space. Find out how they got the project off the…

Why Insecure Data Is Bad for the U.S. Economy

Recent revelations of NSA spying, laws that prevent IT companies from protecting the confidentiality of customers' information and data hacking are driving clients…
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Preparing the Next Generation for Ethical and Safe Online Engagement

With the omnipresence of the internet, parents must be increasingly aware and armed with the tools to keep their children safe online.

What Does Corporate Responsibility Mean When It Comes To NSA Data Requests?

The unsettling details revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden last year generated quite a stir in the press, and large tech and telecom companies…

Storing Data in the Cloud: How Safe is It?

Inherent in corporate social responsibility, data security takes on even greater importance given the profusion of mobile devices and use of cloud services.…

Can Companies Restore Consumer Confidence After a Data Breach?

Target’s 2013 data breach eroded customer trust, which was demonstrated in its sales numbers after the crisis: The retail giant’s profit dropped almost…
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Heartbleed Continues to Threaten Internet Security and Consumer Trust

To boost trust and protect privacy, companies need to educate both users and employees on safe internet practices.
In 1983, the field of Cyber Security didn't exist, but if it had, it would have prevented Matthew Broderick's character in War Games from hacking the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Symantec Bets on Next Generation of Cyber Security Workers

Symantec wants you -- and the young people of America -- to know that not only is this career path well-paying and approachable,…