Mobile Innovation

Addressing Social Problems With Mobile Technology

The articles in this series have been underwritten with the support of Vodafone America’s Foundation. The goal of this series is to share examples of mobile innovation being used to address social problems. This series will explore mobile impact from all different angles: innovation, but also advocacy, funding and education – all the elements of “Mobile for Good.”

June, director of the Vodafone Americas Foundation, and Bruce S. Kahn, founder of --the first place winner of this year's Wireless Innovation Project Competition.

Wireless Innovation Project Competition Awards Change-Makers in the Mobile Space

It's been said that there's an app for everything these days, so why should the world's most pressing challenges be any different? That's…
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Code for America Shows How Empathy and Technology Can Improve Government

Technology is definitely key in CfA’s work helping government become more engaging, user-friendly and effective, but I believe that there’s also a secret…

Mobile Technology: Helping to Stop Homelessness

Millions of us across the nation own and use cell phones to make our lives operate a little easier. And research shows that…
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Boosting Security in the Mobile-for-Good Space

To boost security awareness in the mobile for good space, YTH is teaming up with the Vodafone Americas Foundation to compile research-based resources…
Image credit: Ami Gosali, Director of Strategy (InVenture)

How Mobile “Leapfrog Technology” is Aiding Disaster Relief

Has mobile technology really made our world better? Fay Arjomandi, president of Vodafone Americas Foundation gives just a peek into how mobile technology…
Each year, the winners of the Wireless Innovation Project are presented with unique award to mark the occasion, a hand-woven basket made of recycled telephone cable wire from South Africa. This basket symbolizes how far the telecommunications industry has come—from wired to wireless. Baskets are provided by Bridge for Africa

Vodafone Americas Foundation Looking for Next Examples of Mobile for Good

The Wireless Innovation Project will offer up to $600,000 in funding to worthy projects that use mobile technology to make a difference.