Setting The Standard

A Look at Eco Labels, Certifications, and the Proof of Sustainability

Anyone can make “green” claims, but what do we have to back them up? In this series, we’ll focus on the standards and certifications that offer science-backed, trusted verifications with real sustainability credentials. From green building and electronics to zero-waste targets and closed-loop recycling, we’ll dive into the standards that make it possible for companies, organizations and governments to reduce their environmental impact.

For more information, watch our recent webinars:

Webinar: “More than Just Trash Talk: Turning Waste into Opportunities”
UL and Walmart discuss details of Walmart’s waste diversion program, including outcomes, best practices, and results. Watch Here.

Webinar: “Get the Sustainable Edge- how your corporate commitment can drive bottom-line results”
Leading companies pursue sustainability strategies at the product, process, or organizational level because they produce real results. During this webinar we will explore sustainability’s ROI in each of these situations and how to get – and leverage – your Sustainable Edge. Watch Here.

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Tastes great. Less filling. Tastes great. Less filling. Like the beer advertising campaign that ran for more than 30 years, manufacturers of greener…

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