Introduction to Environmental Justice

A Primer for the Business Community

Triple Pundit has teamed up with Skeo Solutions to produce a series on environmental justice and equitable development.

This series will share stories and strategies with the business and investor community on how to incorporate equity concerns into their larger sustainability practices. By doing so, we hope to engage in a dialogue on how to create new partnerships and communities of opportunity.

Please download our Environmental Justice Whitepaper, Innovative Strategies for Neighborhood Revitalization in Environmental Justice Communities on this page.

Skeo Solutions is sponsoring the series, but does not have editorial control of content for articles. The views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of Skeo Solutions.

Alabama company mining town

Equitable Development and the Twenty-First Century Company Town

We must acknowledge that we live in the 21st century version of the company town, a global economic and corporate village.

Business Planning Tips for Equitable and Sustainable Development Organizations

While the availability of capital for social entrepreneurs is rising, creating a solid traditional business plan is still important.
The Anahuak sports teams at Rio de Los Angeles State Park

Los Angeles River Greening Demonstrates Fundamental Elements of Environmental Justice

The Army Corps of Engineers paved the LA river in a sea of concrete in the 1930s. Today, restoration is bringing back more…
Image credit: Natural Capital Project

The Triple Bottom Line and the Wealth of Nations

From the local to the global, stakeholders across the public and private sectors are applying new data-driven metrics and methodologies to assess the…
Image credit: The Mountain Association for Community Economic Development

Long-Term Economic Development Builds on Communities’ Existing Assets

Organizations like The Ford Foundation have found significant, measurable results reducing poverty through direct community action and careful impact tracking.
Credit: Green For All

How to Address Economic & Environmental Problems in One Shot

Public and private sector policies and actions centered firmly on climate change mitigation and adaptation offer us the ways and means to address…
Credit: Lakota Solar Enterprises

Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency on the Rise in Indian Country

In tune with traditional Native American values and culture, Native Americans are increasingly turning to renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives as a…
Credit: Daily Kos

Native Americans, Renewable Energy and Environmental Justice

The potential is apparent, but will renewable energy actually revise the legacy of natural resource development and environmental justice for Native Americans? Renewable…
Dozens of Appalachians and their allies bring hundreds of gallons of toxic water from their homes to EPA offices in Washington, D.C. to protest mountaintop removal for coal. But fracking also presents a water concern in the region.

Environmental Justice, Hydraulic Fracturing and Appalachia

Appalachia is most known for mountaintop removal for coal. But hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) is growing in popularity and creating new environmental and…

What is Climate Justice?

According to Green For All, climate change is more likely to adversely affect communities of color and low-income individuals. Sixty-eight percent of African…
waste management

How Waste Management Got Proactive on Environmental Justice

Waste Management's Sue Briggum talks about how important understanding and discussing environmental justice issues with communities and companies has been for developing their…
Baldwin Hills, equitiable development, skeo solutions

Why Equitable Development is True Smart Development

It is time for mayors and real estate developers to talk about equitable development when discussing "smart growth."

Environmental Justice, Equitable Development and the Spartanburg Story

ReGenesis, a community-based environmental justice organization in Spartanburg, South Carolina has partnered with industry and government to implement solutions to environmental inequalities in…

Environmental Justice and the Structure of Human Rights

Environmental Justice is about the intersection of human rights, infrastructure and how people--rich and poor, living in rich or developing countries--equitably and sustainably…

Ignoring Environmental Justice Concerns is Risky Business

Not sure how to handle environmental justice issues? Consider, for example, the story of this fictional company, Enterpresia, whose story plays out over…

Why Environmental Justice is Everyone’s Issue

Executive Order 12898 on Environmental Justice has been on the books for 20 years. Yet some communities are still battling environmental legal issues…
exeter, san joaquin valley, fresno, environmental justice, Leon Kaye

Environmental Justice in Fresno, Where Faith = Awareness

In Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley, a strong environmental justice movement is taking shape, fighting to raise awareness about devastating health issues.
detroit - tar sands

Environmental Justice in Detroit: Hope Rises Amid Toxic Communities

Detroit zip code 48217 is the most toxic in Michigan and thirdmost in the nation. A crush of polluting industries tower over a…

Understanding Environmental Justice Policies

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of President Clinton's signing of Executive Order 12898 on environmental justice. What are the events that brought…
env justice

Environmental Justice: The Invisible Hand and the Invisible Man

Businesses, particularly those already concerned about sustainability, can benefit enormously from the market opportunities that exist in the sustainable and equitable redevelopment of…