Sustainably Attired

In this series published with the support of Levi Strauss & Co and a number of other leaders in sustainable fashion, we’ll explore the environmental impact of apparel.

We’ll take you through the lifecycle of fashion: from the design phase, through materials procurement, and product construction in a factory setting. We’ll also take a peek inside the consumer’s closet and look at how consumer demand influences the industry. Finally, we explore the leading second uses for worn-out garments and the future of the sustainable fashion movement as a whole.

There is no denying that sustainability in fashion is a meaty, complicated topic and a challenge for brands who wish to produce sustainable fashion that consumers will want to wear. Through the course of the series, we’ll seek to unravel how brands decide where to focus and how they prioritize competing issues. We’ll examine the impact of their efforts people and the planet, and we’ll take a look at the future of the industry. Check back here to follow along with this weekly series!


Levi’s Employees are Science Teachers for a Day

Levis Strauss & Co. is teaming up with Project WET Foundation to develop custom water education curriculum and train Levi’s employees to teach…

Social Media Campaign Calls for Fashion Supply Chain Transparency

In support of Fashion Revolution Day, people around the world are taking to social media today, snapping selfies, tagging brands and asking them…

Cradle-to-Cradle Tackles the Fashion Industry

Launched in 2014, Fashion Positive aims to retool the entire global fashion supply chain and help create more sustainable materials, processes and products.…

Levi Strauss: 1 Billion Liters of Water Saved and Counting

The average American washes their jeans after wearing them just twice. If we extended that to 10, we could water the city of…

The Apparel Industry’s Answer to Global Water Shortages

Sustainable fashion depends not only on the smart use of water resources, but also on new ways to reduce the dependence on water…

A Brief History of Sustainable Fashion

A brief look into the industry’s storied past illuminates how corporate style-setters have responded to shifting consumer demands, market trends and natural resource…
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The Rise of Sustainable Fibers in the Fashion Industry

The road toward more sustainable fibers will be a long one with plenty of failures and misses, but it's necessary for a more…

VF Corp. Looks to Cut Chemicals in Textile Manufacturing

With its CHEM-IQ program, VF Corp. is not only turning a potential reputational risk into an innovative opportunity, but it is also reassuring…

H&M CEO: Reducing Consumption Isn’t the Answer

H&M's CEO, Karl-Johan Persson, has a message for retail customers: If you want to encourage global sustainability, don't stop buying things. It isn't…
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Conscious Design Can Drive Systemic Change in the Fashion Industry

Issues in the fashion industry continue to greatly outpace any progress. However, there is another avenue that can effect more widespread change: making…
Levi Strauss

A Sustainable Supply Chain “Race to the Top”

Levi Strauss & Co. is hoping that, by incentivizing its worldwide web of suppliers to operate more responsibly, it can create what it…

Why This Top College Apparel Company Pays Living Wages

In an industry that manufactures most of its apparel in developing countries at unlivable wages, Alta Gracia Apparel – a clothing factory in…

Why is Slow Fashion So Slow to Catch On?

The realized growth in the fast fashion market has been astounding – and it’s leaving conventional apparel retailers in the dust. Yet recent…

Manufacture NY: The New Model for Sustainable Innovation

New York City’s apparel manufacturing sector is about to get a makeover: To reignite local fashion manufacturing and spur economic development, the city…

TriplePundit’s Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

To save you some time sifting through the ever-growing -- and often greenwashed -- list of "eco-products," this week we rounded up 15…
Dhana Ecokids

Wear What You Stand For: Uniting Humanity Through Fashion

If we are what we eat, then we wear what we stand for, says Shamini Dhana, founder and CEO of sustainable fashion label…
green shopper

Clothes Shopping: Deciphering Useful Info From Care Tags

If you don't want to conduct a major research project before making purchases, care tags can provide some useful information for healthy and…

TriplePundit’s Guide to Buying Used Clothing

Buying used clothing is a great way to opt out of the not-so-green fashion industry – and it’s often more affordable than purchasing…

Putting the Brakes on Fast Fashion

Over the past decade, rapidly made garments – sold at low prices and manufactured at even lower price points – have proliferated shopping…
backyard hoodie

The North Face Introduces Locally Grown Hoodie

When you hear the words “locally grown,” images of leafy-green-lined farmer’s markets, multi-colored CSA boxes, and interestingly odd-shaped heirloom tomatoes may come to…
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A Black Friday 2014 Call to Action: Durability Over Discounts?

Black Friday 2014 does not have to be about buying cheap stuff at big box stores. Consider focusing on durability over discounts instead.

Why Taking Care of Your Apparel Workers is Good for Business

Notwithstanding the progress that Western companies, labor unions and the local government continue to make to secure safe working conditions for garment workers,…

Slow Fashion Startup Zady to Launch American-Made Private Label

While only 2 percent of our clothes are made domestically, Zady's knit wool sweater was entirely designed and manufactured in the United States.…
PrAna has increased its use of organic cotton from 27 to 63 percent in the past two years. Photo courtesy of prAna.

Balancing Commerce, Idealism and Yoga Pants: Q&A with prAna CEO

prAna was recently acquired by outdoor retailer Columbia. CEO Scott Kerslake how the company will and won't change from its core mission.
Goodwill Store

After the Thrift Store: What Happens to Your Donated Clothes?

You've just sold your unwanted clothes to a thrift store or donated them to a nonprofit charity with the hope that they will…

Series RE-Launch: Sustainable Apparel Part II Debuts Tomorrow!

We're thrilled to announce that Levi Strauss & Co., a longtime proponent of sustainability in the supply chain, has returned to support Part…

4 Lessons the Apparel Industry Can Learn from Carpet-Makers

Believe it or not, there's actually a great deal the apparel industry can learn from carpet-makers about closed loop recycling, as Paul Murray,…

Interview: Margaret Morey-Reuner, Timberland

Nick Aster talks to Timberland's Margaret Morey-Reuner about sustainability at TImberland. In particular we talk about the Higg Index and the sustainable apparel…
fashion futures

Fashion Futures: Resource Constraints and Sustainable Design

How will peering into the future drive the industry to adapt to growing resource constraints, and how will this impact the design process…

Interview: Patagonia’s Rick Ridgeway on Sustainable Apparel

Rick shares thoughts on the status of the apparel industry in terms of sustainability.
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San Francisco Program Provides a Roadmap for Eliminating Textile Waste

More than 25 billion pounds of textiles are discarded in the U.S. annually, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which equates to…
By the end of 2013, Levi’s found a second use for 7.9 million bottles in its Waste

3p Weekend: 10 Budding Trends in Sustainable Fashion

Over the past few months, we've been exploring the environmental and social impact of fashion in an in-depth series, so we have our…

Why it’s Important to Know Who Made Your Clothes (and What They’re Made From)

Fast fashion has become the hundred-billion dollar industry it is today on a very simple premise: As consumers, on face value, we will…

Green is the New Black: How Consumers Feel About Sustainable Apparel

From the beginning of civil societies, people have expressed their history, traditions, culture and occupations through clothing. From the humble beginnings of homemade…

From Haiti to Kenya: Creating Fashion That Empowers

Threads 4 Thought was founded in 2007 with a simple but clearly defined purpose. We are committed to creating and manufacturing fashion that…

Turning Old Into New with Reused Sustainable Fibers

With the growing focus on recycling clothes and other textiles, apparel companies are coming up with new ways to turn those old, worn…
window shopping

How to Get Consumers to Walk the Sustainability Talk When it Comes to Fashion

If you look at studies exploring consumer attitudes, you find that consumers indeed seem to be more conscious about sustainability and are more…
Models prepare to walk the runway in upcycled garments at Redress Raleigh's 2011 fashion show.

Upcycling: The New Wave of Sustainable Fashion

In a world still churning out trendy throw-away fashion pieces at breakneck speed, the idea of upcycled or refashioned apparel can be an…
green clothing

Should Eco-Labels Shape Purchasing Choices?

At first glance, eco-labels seem like they could provide useful information to shoppers about the environmental and social impact of a product, but…

Can Fast Fashion Really be Sustainable?

“If a positive can be found, it's that Rana Plaza has been a turning point - the 21st Century equivalent of New York's…

5 Lessons in Sustainable Apparel from Mata Traders

Mata Traders' Maureen Dunn shares five lessons she learned in building her company.
co-founders Shannon

Factory45: An Accelerator Program for Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneurs

Sustainable fashion entrepreneur and apparel consultant Shannon Whitehead had a great idea for a new product. But with few connections and limited knowledge…
Grasiela Edit_Appalatch

Sustainable Textiles: Harnessing a Spark in Customer Engagement

How do businesses in the apparel industry ensure that their customer base will not only stay, but grow? We talk to two companies…
Pop-up shop

Is Pop-Up Retail the Solution for Sustainable Fashion?

Could the arrival of Storefront's pop-up shop finally bridge the gap between small brand and conscious consumer?

Look Twice, Buy Once: Sustainability Through Consumer Restraint

Even in the world of sustainable fashion, a fundamental issue has to be addressed: Overconsumption of organic/recycled, fair-trade clothing is still overconsumption. Ultimately,…

Is ‘Made in the USA’ Always the Most Sustainable Choice?

Seeing how the local movement is so closely associated with sustainability, at least when it comes to food, does that same closer-is-better reasoning…

Supply Chain Worker Rights: From Good Intentions to Implementation

Today, worker rights might even be considered an oxymoron. But it’s a struggle well worth engaging as both a holding action and in…

The Stories in Your Closet: What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

Have you ever thought about the stories the garments in your closet have to tell? Or the stories they will tell long after…
Appalatch co-founders Grace Gounin (right) and Mariano deGuzman work on pieces for their line.

How Loving Your Clothes Can Make the World a Better Place

It’s hard to discuss the problems within the apparel industry without somebody asking, very reasonably, for a solution. We think the solution lies…

A World Water Day-Themed Google Chat w/ Michael Kobori, VP of Sustainability, Levi Strauss & Co.

TriplePundit hosted a World Water Day-themed Google Chat interview with Michael Kobori, VP of Sustainability at Levi Strauss & Co. Watch the recap…
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Levi Strauss Brings Water Recycling to the Apparel Industry

Levi Strauss & Co. has developed a new process that will allow it to use 100 percent recycled water in parts of its…
Indigenous Trace Tool

Fair Trace Tool Makes Supply Chain Transparency Fashionable

Fashionistas now, for the first time, can see beyond clothing labels with the Fair Trace Tool developed by fair trade fashion company INDIGENOUS.…

Tweet Jam: Sustainable Fashion

Please join TriplePundit & Business Fights Poverty to talk about sustainability in the fashion industry with our distinguished panel on March 11th.
Gap Inc. Garment Worker

Gap Inc.’s P.A.C.E. Program Empowers Women on the Factory Floor

Gap Inc.'s highly successful P.A.C.E. program assists women in developing the foundational life skills to advance in their personal lives and the workplace.
Cotton has played a critical role throughout human history

The Better Cotton Initiative: Making Sustainable Cotton Mainstream?

From small-holder farms in the developing world to major brands like Levi Strauss & Co., the Better Cotton Initiative seeks to make sustainable…

Why Sustainable Fashion Has to Be About Individual Style

While many of us just can't afford to buy expensive designer clothes, let alone invest in the "new looks" for each season, we…

The Latest in Sustainable Textiles

One of the world’s greatest culprits in environmental pollution is something we use every day and probably give the least consideration to its…
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The Higg 2.0 Index and the Journey to an Industry-Wide Sustainable Apparel Standard

Late last year, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition--a trade group representing nearly 40 percent of the apparel and footwear market--announced an updated version of…

Let the Lifecycle Be Your Guide

Levi Strauss & Co. VP of Sustainability shares his perspective on sustainability in apparel to kick off our new series.

Preview: Series Launch on Sustainable Apparel Tomorrow

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new article series - Sustainably Attired: Exploring the Lifecycle of Fashion, kicking off tomorrow.…