Understanding Sustainable Forestry

Welcome to our series on sustainable forestry.

In this series, we’ll be discussing the state of the world’s forests and what currently threatens their health. We’ll also discuss what is being done to mitigate risk to forests, provide sustainable management of forest resources, and understand the complexity of this management. There are many factors driving problems such as deforestation, and many factors driving responsible forest management. We’ll be introducing you to them here.

International Paper waste management

International Paper Sets Goal for Zero Waste

International Paper has set a medium-term goal to reduce waste sent to landfills 30 percent by 2020, with aspirational goal of achieving zero…

Water and Energy Conservation Opportunities in the Paper Industry

Most of the water used in the paper production life cycle is used during the manufacturing process, primarily for conveyance of the fibers…
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How International Paper Cuts Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The American Forest and Paper Association (AF&PA) has set a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the forest products industry by 15…

Certified Wood Tops the List for International Paper’s 2013 Sustainability Report

Accomplishments in certified wood fiber and greenhouse emission goals put IP ahead of its 2020 targets in 2013. With more to go on…
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Paper and the Untold Sustainable Forestry Story

A productive “working forest” creates value for people and for the environment. Unlike agricultural crops, a forest can be sustained infinitely through a…

Certification: Building Standards for Sustainable Forests

There are numerous sustainable forestry programs these days, but they all start from the same vantage point: solid certification standards that encourage sustainable…

Join the Forest Certification Movement to Meet Your Sustainability Goals

Most people treasure healthy forests and want to ensure that they are around for future generations. One of the best ways to do…

Responsible Forestry: Can Certification Save Our Forests?

It’s tough not to feel a sense of sorrow when watching recent images of the California Rimfire, which scorched 370 square miles of…

Deforestation and the Role of Paper Products

By far the most significant threat to forests is the expansion of agriculture and agricultural commodities. The expansion of soy and pasture land,…
Muir Woods

The State of the Earth’s Forests

While deforestation continues to impact forestry worldwide, the picture is not as bleak as it first appears. Here's why.