Sustainable Seafood

From overfishing and biodiversity loss to mislabeling and traceability woes, we’ll seek to shed light on what makes seafood sustainable and how fisheries and stakeholders prioritize competing issues. We’ll examine the impact of NGOs, startups and businesses on people and the planet, and we’ll take a look at the future of the industry.

We'll be covering a variety of topics during this series. If you'd like to dive deep into learning more, the following topical PDF downloads, produced by Future of Fish, will help you get your bearing.

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Bell Aquaculture’s Feedmill Opening: A Who’s Who in Land Based Aquaculture

On July 1, 2014, Bell Aquaculture held the grand opening event for the Bell Farms Aqua Feed mill located in central Indiana USA.…
The FishChoice online directory . Click here to visit.

Bridging the Gap: Connecting Buyers and Sellers of Sustainable Seafood

Although large retailers have the opportunity to work directly with the environmental community to source sustainable seafood, he explained, local chefs and small-…
A Fair Trade fishing village in Indonesia.

From Coffee and Tea to Fish in the Sea: A New Frontier of Fair Trade

Fishermen are often on the losing end of global trade, facing low market prices and lack of tools to improve resource management. Fair…

How Business Leaders Can Drive Seafood Supply Chains Toward Sustainability

The truth is that leading companies could be doing a lot more to drive supply chains in the right direction other than just…

Consumer Demand Could Turn the Tide on Sustainable Fishing

Large chain grocery stores are increasingly the source of consumer seafood purchases. Luckily, a new report from Greenpeace showed some promising progress by…

Ending Illegal Fishing is Crucial to Ensure a Healthy Ocean

President Obama’s new initiative to address illegal fishing is a critical step to stopping illegally caught fish from reaching U.S. markets. To meet…
Secretary Kerry Delivers Remarks at the Opening Session of the "Our Ocean" Conference June 16, 2014[State Department photo/ Public Domain]

President Obama Takes On Seafood Fraud and Illegal Fishing

With perfect timing for the tail end of our series on sustainable seafood, President Obama announces an initiative to prevent illegal fishing.
Boats lined up in the historic fishing community of Leland, Michigan.

The Difference Between Market-Driven and Sustainable Seafood

Because of the state of the fishing industry today, small fishermen find themselves squeezed between massive international fleets and heavily depleted stocks. I…

Oceana: Traceability Is Key to Fighting Seafood Fraud

Seafood is one of the most popular food choices for Americans, with the United States coming in only behind China as the largest…

Investing in Sustainable Fishing: A New Lease on Life for New England Communities

The North Atlantic cod, once fabled as inexhaustible, is all but a faded memory of the past. What then happens to the towns…
Greenpeace seafood

Greenpeace Reviews Major Food Retailers for Sustainable Seafood Purchasing

Greenpeace just issued the eighth edition of its report entitled Carting Away the Oceans. The wide-ranging report covers everything from human-rights abuses in…

Inside Bell Aquaculture: Let’s Talk About Fish

"The future of fish is farming it," said Greg Scotnicki, sales director for Bell Aquaculture.

7 Things You Need to Know About the Sustainable Seafood Movement

You may have noticed things getting a little fishy here at Triple Pundit over the past few months, as we dive into the…

Inside Aquaculture: All About the Feed

Out of all animal proteins, fish has the most favorable feed conversion ratio (FCR). Beef, for example, requires 7 kilograms of feed to…

Interview Today: Scott Nichols; Director, Verlasso Salmon

Today, TriplePundit hosted a Google Chat with Verlasso Salmon about their push for responsible aquaculture worldwide. Watch the video interview here!
sustainable fish farming

Bell Aquaculture: Sustaining Tradition with A Sustainable Fishery

Bell Aquaculture demonstrates how engineered fisheries can bring back local traditions that are threatened by the collapse of natural fisheries.

Businesses as Educators, Change-Makers and Ocean Advocates

It’s widely known the role businesses play in influencing and responding to consumer demand, but a growing number of businesses—large and small—are recognizing…
Bell Farm

Inside Bell Aquaculture: A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Seafood

Triple Pundit paid a visit to Redkey, Indiana to check out Bell Aquaculture, a company aiming to redefine fish farming as an ecologically…
Through the traceability system designed by ThisFish, each catch gets a unique code, which can either be placed on the box of each shipment of fish, or physically attached to each animal.

Seafood Fraud Meets Tech-Driven Traceability

If something smells fishy the next time you step up to the seafood counter or sit down for sushi, it may not be…

MSC Sustainable Seafood Standards Yielding Economic, Environmental Benefits

High in Europe and North America, awareness of, and demand for sustainable seafood is growing worldwide. Just over 10 percent of fisheries are…

The Power of the Consumer in Sustainable Fishing

Do consumers really have a choice about the kind of seafood that is sold in supermarkets? What about when it comes to ethical,…
fish chat

Recap: #3pChat on Sustainable Seafood

Here's a summary of our #3pChat on the current series topic: sustainable seafood. Be sure to check out TriplePundit's recent articles and the…
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Sustainable Fish Farming: Global-Scale Aquaculture in the Big City

Showing what's possible with a little ingenuity, Edenworks operates a closed-loop aquaculture system on the roof of a commercial ironworks in New York…
Village Fishmonger

Village Fishmonger is Spreading the Word at Sustainable Seafood Week NYC

TriplePundit spoke with Sean Dixon of Village Fishmonger, a community supported fishery in New York, about Sustainable Seafood Week NYC.
fish in cage 3 small

The Future of Mariculture and the Role of Startups, Lawmakers and NGOs

After years of uncertainty, national aquaculture legislation is finally being put in place. But will NGOs jump on board?

Follow Along Live on our #3pChat Tweet Jam: Sustainable Seafood

Please join TriplePundit to talk about sustainability in the seafood industry with our distinguished panel on May 8th.
Fish swim in a net pen at the Kampachi Farms

Sustainable Fish Startups: From the Open Seas to the Inner City

Despite resistance to change, new methods of sustainable fish farming and aquaponics are the only way to feed the growing billions of people…
Modeled after a community supported agriculture (CSA) program, Dock to Dish provides customers in Long Island, N.Y. with freshly-caught seafood every day.

Dock to Dish: A Community Supported Fishery

Modeled after a community supported agriculture (CSA) program, Long Island, N.Y.-based Dock to Dish provides members with access to premium, locally caught and…
Fishermen in Kovalam, Kerala, South India.

Sustainable Seafood and Impact Investing: Getting the Money Where Its Needed

Despite recent encouraging efforts to spur an impact investing revolution in fisheries, we’re still a long way from a developed investment marketplace that…
Fish in crate

Seafood Traceability Makes for Better Products and a Healthy Bottom Line

The environmental benefits of seafood traceability are obvious: By tracking a fish through the entire supply chain –- from capture to plate –-…
Fishing Boats at Leigh-on-Sea

Seafood Traceability: The Business Case for Better Data

The deep, underlying problems in the seafood supply chain can’t be fixed simply by the decision of a few consumers to “eat local.”…
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Can Technology End Overfishing?

Back in 2002, Thomas Kraft, managing director of Norpac Fisheries Export, came up with the idea of electronically tracking the fish the company…

A Fish with a Story Could Save Our Oceans … and 200 Million Jobs

The truth is that we rarely know the journey of a fish that has landed on our plate. And that missing story is…
fisher's community

Private Investment in Ocean Restoration on the Rise Around the World

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg signaled last month that Bloomberg Philanthropy’s $53 million initiative to reverse the decline of the world’s…

Can We Stop Overfishing Before It’s Too Late?

Ocean catch reached its highest point, "peak fish," back in the 1990s. It's been declining fairly steadily since then.

How the Power of Story Can Save Our Oceans

Indeed, each fish we encounter has a story. Where did it come from? Who caught it? How many miles has it traveled before…