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Interview: Melissa O'Mara, Schneider Electric on Smart Cities

Words by Nick Aster
Data & Technology

 "Smart Cities" has been a running theme here in Austin at the SXSWeco conference for 2013. It makes sense given the tradition of celebrating technology that SXSW is well known for.  What makes the issue especially prescient in the context of sustainability is not only the sheer number of people who will be moving to cities this century, but the sheer number of problems cities have - from traffic logistics to managing energy, resources and pollution to far more heady problems like crime and education.

At first glance it seems there's no end to the complexity of our growing urban challenges, but this also presents tremendous opportunities. Many high tech companies have engaged on a quest to begin providing solutions - Schneider Electric among them.

I had a chance to talk with Schneider's "Chief Catalyst" of Smart Cities, Melissa O'Mara yesterday about exactly what the opportunities are and how they're important for Schneider.

Take a look at our short video below...