Intelligence is Power

Innovating a More Efficient World

In this series presented by Emerson Climate Technologies, we explore the environmental and financial benefits of energy efficiency with a special focus on smart meters and smart climate control. The series will seek to define what makes a climate technology “smart” and showcase some of the latest technologies for reducing the energy load of buildings.

The series will address many facets of energy efficiency, including the different types of technology available for residential and commercial use, employee wellness and climate control, and waste heat reclamation technologies. We will also explore sector-specific technologies for sectors from data centers to grocery stores and many industries in between.

Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

New Horizons for AC Refrigerants

The race is on to find alternatives to HFCs that have low GWPs and don't deplete the ozone layer. Chemical companies have zoomed…

Understanding AC Refrigerant Standards

The race is on to find new, greener refrigerants and refrigerant standards that combine low global warming potential (GWP) and zero ozone depletion…
Waste heat recovery, Emerson

Waste Heat Recovery: Getting Something Back

Waste heat recovery systems have emerged as an effective way for increasing energy efficiency at factories where refrigeration is crucial.

Building a More Intelligent Store Management System

Supermarkets are amongst the most energy-intensive commercial buildings today, but a more intelligent store management system can improve energy efficiency.
Emerson offers Trellis platform for smarter data centers

Smarter Data Center Efficiency, Operations & Management

Data centers present enormous challenges for companies looking to trim their carbon footprint and cut their utility costs. However, new tools are becoming…
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Why Home Automation Systems are at the Forefront of Energy Savings

As energy prices rise and incomes are stagnant, home automation systems will be a more enticing investment as their efficiency improves and costs…

How Smart Climate Control Benefits Employee Wellness

Indoor air pollution can pose a greater risk to those who work in offices and other buildings than that outdoors. Fortunately, enhancing the…
energy efficiency upgrades for residential, commercial and industrial properties

Smart Buildings: Residential, Commercial and Industrial

Smart buildings include energy efficiency upgrades, such as "smart" HVAC systems that communicate more information to energy consumers, providers and technicians, resulting in…
Old, inefficient HVAC units being replaced.

How Smarter Thermostat Control Yields Energy Savings

A new generation of smart HVAC and climate control systems hold out the promise of reducing energy expenses, energy consumption and carbon emissions,…
smart meters for smarter energy management

What is a Smart Meter?

Smart meters can benefit the bottom line by motivating energy efficiency, and by providing businesses with an incentive to adopt renewable energy and…
What is a smart building?

What is a Smart Building?

The phrase "smart building" conjures up images of sleek new structures incorporating all the latest energy-saving bells and whistles, but that's only part…