Lessons in Sustainable Business

a collection of student stories

Nothing helps people understand how sustainability works in organizations better than stories from the field. Each year students at the Presidio Graduate School cull the research, tap their networks and draw upon their own personal experiences to amass a set of stories that describe the strategies and approaches organizations are using to solve problems related to social, environmental and economic impact. These short reports are designed to instruct, inspire and demonstrate the opportunities and benefits of sustainable business practices.

Silicon Graphics workstations were featured in Jurassic Park's computer control room, the "eyes and ears" of the technologically advanced theme park - one of the first times a movie featured a live, working computing environment featuring real applications.

The Fall of Silicon Graphics

This is an insider’s story of change management attempts during the fall.

Sustainability in the Arts: The Opposite of Avant-Garde?

Just as we, as consumers, have increasingly demanded that companies we buy from become more sustainable, the same will have to be true…

How Chipotle’s ‘Food with Integrity’ Strategy Can Really Succeed

In 2010, Chipotle, under criticism for some of its sourcing policies, was looking for a way to maintain its growth rate and also…

Floracopeia: The Essence of a Successful and Sustainable Business is Relationship Cultivation

A California purveyor of artisanal essential oils proves that growth and prosperity can be shared among the enterprise, community and the ecosystem. How?…

Lessons in Sustainable Business: PG&E Smart Meters

When PG&E rolled out Smart Meters, poor communication, improperly prepared customer service agents and bad timing coincided with a tiered rate hike during…