Sustainable Management:
Best Practices from New York City

The articles on this page are written by Hunter Lovins' students at Bard's MBA in Sustainability program. The purpose of this project is to share learning and best practices in sustainable management from the students' experiences in New York.
Course objective:
The objective of this course is to impart a basic understanding of the social and environmental sustainability challenges facing managers in today’s world. The course seeks to develop students’ critical capacities for self-reflection and action in relation to these concepts. Course graduates will possess the understanding and experience to integrate environmental and social sustainability with commercial and economic success.

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Pitfalls in Measuring Corporate Sustainability

Graph With Stacks Of Coins

While many tools exist to give companies a way to report on their corporate sustainability practices, many firms struggle to use them properly.

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The Tyranny of Distance: Reconciling Extended Producer Responsibility with Global Transportation


Whether driven by the business case, ethics or legislation, product take-back promotes the practice of recycling, lifecycle assessment and design for durable reuse in secondary markets.

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Is It Time to Stop Hating the Car? Maybe Not


We hated the car when they were getting 10 miles to the gallon. As cars became more efficient, we began to forgive them. We have slowly stopped hating the car, but maybe we shouldn’t.

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Squandering Our Inheritance


Generations before us prided themselves on innovative progress, self-sufficiency and providing for the future. We squander this legacy. More than iPhones, flat screens and fast cars, maintenance of the natural capital that underpins our existence must hold precedence.

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How the United States Seal Promotes Sustainability


The Great Seal of our nation skillfully encapsulates the principles and ethics worth living by. Created as an official signature to enable the newly founded nation to sign treaties, it sealed our vows to other nations.

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Why is Waste-to-Energy So Confusing for Americans?


Our cluelessness as to what happens after the waste bag is placed on the curb is nowhere more evident than in the fuzzy logic of our waste-to-energy (WTE) debate.

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Could 3-D Printing Bring the World Closer to the Circular Economy?


3-D printing could offer a dual solution to the world’s waste problem, allowing transformation of plastic waste into new plastic products.

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Denis Hayes and the Cascadia Sustainability Movement


It is normally assumed that the larger the audience the more impact you can have. For the past 20 years Denis Hayes has relied on a different approach.

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What Does It Mean to Live From Scratch?

Giovanni Ciarlo and Kathleen Sartor

Giovanni Ciarlo and Kathleen Sartor are creating communities that are totally integrated with nature from scratch can last for generations.

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Portland State University Program Teaches Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Impact Entrepreneurs

The Impact Entrepreneurs program at Portland State University’s School of Business Administration is applying the unique effectiveness and rigor of business practices to the work of creating a more just and resilient world.

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MPOWERD Lantern Brings Affordable Solar to Sub-Saharan Africa


MPOWERD is a startup with a solar lantern that is turning heads in firms across Africa and capturing the interest of international distributors.

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Persistent Energy Ghana Brings Solar to Those Who Need Light


While the first three installations are in the Eastern region of the Ghana, PEG plans to expand into the island communities in the Volta Region and then into the Northern Region.

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Urban Transport in India: Moving People Not Cars

india travel

By Juzer Rangoonwala In 2010, outdoor air pollution caused 620,000 premature deaths in Indian cities. Urban population in India is estimated to double in the next few decades and at the same time greenhouse gas emissions from urban transport energy use are set to increase seven fold. The need to change this unsustainable trend inspired Madhav Pai […]

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How Aquaponics Makes Commercial Urban Agriculture Possible

Tractors ploughing vast field

Population growth and climate control place dual constraints on arable land. Aquaponics can alleviate the pressure.

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Puerto Rico’s Sustainable Food Network


By Amy Davila Sanchez Tara’s mother, pursuing her life dream to become an organic farmer,  acquired a farm after years of city dwelling. On Tara’s frequent visits to the farm in the mountain town of Aibonito, Puerto Rico, she started learning about sustainable agriculture. More importantly, she changed her eating habits. Consuming only produce from […]

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The Resurrection: The Carbon Tax Returns?

Obama, Boehner, Biden, and Congress

President Obama’s reelection has shifted the Congressional debate to the most immediate issue concerning Congress: “the fiscal cliff.” And, a carbon tax? A carbon tax, if implemented by Congress, would levy a fee on the production, distribution, or use of fossil fuels based on the carbon content of their combustion emissions.

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Sustainability: Making Engineers Giddy

Moon Landing

Doing the impossible? Where do I sign up? My goal as a sustainability professional is to make sure that more people feel this way. I feel strongly that you need to meet people where they are on their sustainability journey. And it is a journey.

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Welcome to Sustainable Management with Bard


I was honored last month to give the inaugural lecture to a class of 19 candidates for a Masters in Sustainable Business, the new MBA created by Bard College. Unlike most MBA programs, the fundamentals of doing business in sustainable ways are woven throughout the entire curriculum.

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