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Path of First Round-the-World Solar Flight Now Public

Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg of Switzerland announced the path of Solar Impulse 2, the first round-the-world solar flight that starts next month.

DOE: 54-GWs of Untapped Offshore Wind Power

A new study released by the DOE indicates that a whopping 54-gigawatts of U.S. offshore wind power is feasible to capture.
John Deere partners in next generation electronic chips

John Deere Joins $200 Million Push For Next-Generation Electronics

John Deere partners with federal agencies, academic institutions and 17 other companies to form the Manufacturing Innovation Institute in North Carolina. The focus…
PanelClaw seeks to reduce solar power soft costs

PanelClaw Solar Company Seeks to Reduce Solar Power Soft Costs

The PanelClaw solar company illustrates how solar industry leaders are reducing solar power soft costs including shipping, installation and financing, which will keep…
GreenVolts solar partners with ISD and gets ABB investment

Solar Power to Boost Agriculture Yields

The global power industry leader ABB of Switzerland recently pumped $20 million into California’s GreenVolts solar technology company, and the investment could pay…

Turnkey Concentrated Solar Photovoltaic Power System Now Available for Commercial Use

Fremont, CA-based GreenVolts has emerged publicly with a first of its kind turnkey concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) solar power system and a strategic partnership…

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Investment Strategies: Lessons from the Past?

By Matthew Madden Are the same strategies and market dynamics that characterized the growth of the telecom industry in the late 1990’s surfacing…