JetBlue's Airbus A320

JetBlue Provides Boost for New York Artisan Food Companies

JetBlue has launched BlueBud, a program that mentors small companies and start-ups that are interested in becoming food or beverage suppliers for the…
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Paranoia or Flight Risk? United Fires 13 Flight Attendants over “BYE-BYE” Images

Earlier this week 13 flight attendants filed a whistleblower complaint with OSHA against United Airlines.
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Women in CSR: Jacqueline Drumheller, Alaska Airlines

Jacqueline Drumheller, Manager, Environmental Affairs, Alaska Airlines, talks about her career in our Women in CSR series.

Liar’s Flights: How Fake Flights Mislead Passengers

Flying is irritating enough without misleading information getting in the way. So how would you like to know that many of the flights…
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Why the EU is Freezing its Airline Carbon Emissions Law

The EU explained that its decision to “stop the clock” on the regulation is nothing but “a gesture of good faith, giving ICAO…
Boeing, American Airlines, FAA collaborate on 737-800 ecoDemonstrator Airplane to accelerate environmental technology. Photograph used with permission.

Boeing, AA, FAA Collaborate on Environmental Technologies

Boeing has found that demonstrations [in partnership with airlines] helps accelerate focus on technology, and give a sense of urgency in developing environmentally…

Renewable Aviation Fuel: Ready for Take-Off

Lack of information is hindering the take-off of the renewable aviation fuel market. aims to provide potential buyers with decision-making tools.

Ryanair Passes on Carbon Tax to Passengers

Beginning on January 17, Ryanair will charge a €0.25 fee on every seat to cover what the company says will be a €15…
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European Carbon Regulation for Airlines Takes Off

2012 started with some good news. On Sunday, the European Union began charging all airlines flying into and out of Europe for their…

Virgin America Wants to Fill Your Bottle

Sometimes it really is the little things that count. Proving they’re on track to be the coolest airline flying, Virgin America is going…
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Is the US Right To Seek Airline Exemption From European Carbon Law?

Business Green reports that US Airlines, American Airlines, Continental and United, along with their trade association, the Air Transport Association (ATA), will file…

Virgin America Reaches 15% Fuel Efficiency Gains

Virgin America announced this week that it has chosen CFM International’s efficient new LEAP turbofan engine for 30 new Airbus A320neo aircraft that…
One of Southwest's 737 airplanes

Southwest Takes Off With Fuel Saving Landing Program

Southwest recently implemented an enhanced landing system at 11 airports. Called the Required Navigation Performance (RNP) program, both dispatchers and pilots use technologies…

Virgin America Shows TED Videos, Your Airline Should Too

It’s a cliche to bemoan the general decline of airline service and amenities so I’m doing something radically different this weekend – praising…
American Airlines Jet, Heathrow

American Airlines Pilots Balk at Directive to Fly With Less Fuel

American Airlines has instructed its pilots to reduce the amount of fuel they carry on flights, resulting so far in little more than…