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An algae-covered lake glistens in the moonlight.

Unilever to Use Algae Oil in Personal Care Products

Anyone who has followed the sustainability conversation for a while has undoubtedly heard about the promise of algae as a raw material. Now,…
algae biofuel US DOE

Energy Department Foresees Algae Biofuel in your Future

Fleet managers are turning to compressed natural gas (CNG) in the short term, but fossil gas as a source is highly problematic, and…
renewable fuels algae

Cheaper Renewable Fuels: Is Algae the Missing Ingredient?

The viability of algae-based fuels varies widely by the process, and some closed systems processes seem very promising.
Solazyme algae oil products

US Algae Biofuel Company Wins French Beauty Award

The Solazyme algae oil company, better known for its biofuel products, has just won an important beauty award in Paris for its skin…
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The Water-Energy Dance (Why Wasting Water Really Means Wasting Energy)

Water is quite heavy, which means it takes a lot of work to carry it, or pump it, up a hill. It expands…
solazyme and propel fuels offer algae biofuel at retail pumps

Algae to the People! Solazyme and Propel Launch Algae Biofuel Retail Project

Transportation giants like Maersk, United and even the U.S. Navy have all been testing the waters of algae-based biofuel, and it makes you…
United Airlines commits to biofuel

You Can’t Fly an Airplane With an Algae Pond On It…Or Can You?

United Airlines made waves last year when it became one of the first commercial U.S. airlines to use algae biofuel, and it quickly…

Israel Powering Its Future With Algae Biofuel?

A new company from Tel Aviv called Univerve is working to turn algae, a natural substance, into third-generation renewable fuel. The company decided…
Brookhaven Lab finds key to low cost algae biofuel

U.S. Navy Pursues Algae Biofuel

The algae biofuel wars have gone into high boil, as the U.S. Navy continues to press ahead with a major seagoing biofuel demonstration…
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Algae-based Biofuel: Pros And Cons

Algae–based biofuel is a new energy source that has been getting a lot of attention lately. Certain types of algae contain natural oils…

Hasbro Fights Aliens from the Deep and Climate Change, Too

Hasbro, Inc., better known to millions of board game aficionados as the force behind Battleship, has just been recognized by the U.S. Environmental…
ARPA-E funds new natural gas tech for vehicles

New Fuels Could Benefit Bottom Line for Small Fleet Owners

President Obama announces $30 million in new funding for natural gas vehicles and $14 million for new algae biofuel projects.

OriginOil has a Green Algae Biofuel Alternative to Keystone XL Pipeline

U.S. company OriginOil has just announced that its signature algae biofuel product will be developed as a drop-in renewable crude oil feedstock that…

OriginOil’s Algae Biofuel Gets Ready for U.S. Market

A few years back, when the U.S. biofuel scene consisted mainly of corn ethanol, biofuel from algae seemed like a futuristic lab creature…

Former BP Exec Sets Her Sights on Algae as the Fuel of the Future

CJ Warner was at the top of her game when she saw the writing on the wall. Twenty years into a glass-ceiling-busting career…