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3p Weekend: 10 Companies That Stand for LGBT Equality

As marriage equality legislation makes its way through courtrooms across the country, it's clear that equality will soon be the norm rather than…
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Airline Industry Shaves Weight to Save Money

The automobile industry has invested billions reducing the weight of their cars to reduce fuel consumption and they don't even have to lift…
Boeing, American Airlines, FAA collaborate on 737-800 ecoDemonstrator Airplane to accelerate environmental technology. Photograph used with permission.

Boeing, AA, FAA Collaborate on Environmental Technologies

Boeing has found that demonstrations [in partnership with airlines] helps accelerate focus on technology, and give a sense of urgency in developing environmentally…

Profit Now or Pay Later – Why America is Missing Out: The Case of the Aviation Industry

Boyd Cohen, Ph.D., Climate Strategist George Monbiot would argue we need to stop jetsetting around the world if we want to get our…

Cockpits One Step Closer To Becoming Paperless

The paperwork pilots need to carry can weigh up to 35 pounds, but an iPad weighs only 1.5 pounds, so using an iPad…
American Airlines Jet, Heathrow

American Airlines Pilots Balk at Directive to Fly With Less Fuel

American Airlines has instructed its pilots to reduce the amount of fuel they carry on flights, resulting so far in little more than…
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