April Fools

41 Astronauts looking at TriplePundit!

Google Got Me Again

Find out the prank Google played this year on unsuspecting web publishers.

Wife Swapping Hits Sharing Economy

Just kidding!  Happy April Fools 2012 :-) It was only a matter of time before dating sites got into the game. Up until…
Romney and Santorum Announce New Solyndra Deal

Solyndra is Back: Romney, Santorum Agree

Just kidding!  Happy April Fools 2012 :-) While the race to the Republican presidential nomination continues to bristle with confrontation and finger pointing,…
Burning Man

Corporate Donations Catch Fire at Burning Man

Just kidding!  Happy April Fools 2012 :-) American corporate icon General Electric (NYSE: GE) said this week it plans to donate and distribute…
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McDonald’s Replaces PlayPlaces With Urban Gardens, Composting Sites

Starting this week, over 20 of McDonald's outdoor PlayPlaces will be replaced with urban gardens and composting facilities.

Local Governments Start Recycling, Environmentalists Halt

In a tragic twist of unbridled proportions, Conservatives have started recycling, but Environmentalists have ceased recycling actions. What stimulated this sudden role reversal?…

McDonald’s to Introduce Reusable Hamburger Buns

By: Neil Schnall April fool 2011 :-) In a move reflective of their heightened commitment to sustainability and CSR, McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE: MCD)…
Senator Inhofe urges Congress to act on global warming

James Inhofe Apologizes for Calling Global Warming a Hoax

April fool 2011 :-) In what might be one of the most remarkable about-faces ever to come from within the beltway, James Inhofe,…

Walmart Announces Policy To Increase the Percentage of Women In Management

April fool 2011 :-) Walmart President and CEO Mike Duke announced that the world’s largest retail chain will create a company-wide set of…

Cap and Trade Bill Passes Both House and Senate

April fool 2011 :-) After years, if not decades of bickering, both the U.S. House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate have finally…