Cutting Emissions: How Green Can Cars Be?

Not everyone can afford a brand new, all-electric vehicle. And all things considered, the most sustainable car is often one that's already in…
After logging 1 million miles on private property, Google's autonomous vehicles are now cruising down public streets in Mountain View, California.

A Glimpse Into the Future of Driverless Automobiles

On June 25, Google announced the official arrival of its adorable, autonomous vehicles on the public roads of Mountain View, California.

Is It Time to Stop Hating the Car? Maybe Not

We hated the car when they were getting 10 miles to the gallon. As cars became more efficient, we began to forgive them.…
Chevy Volt - solar charging

New EPA Emissions Standard Saves Lives, Creates Jobs

New fuel efficiency and emissions standards are creating stronger automotive jobs in the U.S., as research and development firms wind up to meet…
Chevy CO2 reduction info

Talking Carbon Reduction with GM’s Sustainability Chief

GM achieved a milestone of 7,000 metric tons of carbon reduction as the result of their investment in IdleAir, a Knoxville, Tennessee-based company…
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Can Ford Become The New Nike?

Ford has become much more than an automobile manufacturing giant: it is a design firm, a technology company and a lifestyle brand that…

Detroit Bound: Forward with Ford 2011

A popular theme over the years at 3p has been the slowly greening automobile industry and the quest for more sustainable transportation in…
The i-MiEV 2009, Mitsubishi's first electric vehicle

Mitsubishi to Roll Out Greener Automobiles by 2015

Mitsubishi Motors, the fourth largest automobile manufacturer in Japan and seventh largest in the world, has 90 years of success in building cars.…
Mega City

BMW Invests $560M in EV Technology

Compared to other automobile manufacturers, BMW has been behind in electric car research and development.  Considering the demographic to which BMW markets, the…
Nissan Leaf, rolling out soon

Nissan Leaf Selling Fast

The Nissan Leaf is selling fast, but for now most Leaf buyers are those in the higher income brackets who can afford to…

Gaming For Good: Ridekicks

It used to be that gaming was considered a waste of time, the pastime of pasty skinned boys. Something to blame for the lack…

Zimride Merges Social Networking and Carpooling

Welcome to Zimride. The Bay Area-based firm builds relationships with universities and corporations, and hosts social networking sites that seek to match commuters…

WhipCar Matches Car Owners with Renters

WhipCar pairs “sensible drivers with spare car time.” The cost is free for car owners, and the grunt work is done by WhipCar,…

Interview: Michael Rocke of Cool Planet Biofuels Talks Carbon Negative Gasoline

Imagine a technology that can take non-food biomass like corn stalks or wood chips and directly convert it into high octane, competitively priced…
The Bio Bug, courtesy GENeco

GENeco’s VW Bio-Bug Fueled by Sewage

The Bio-Bug for now is a flex-fuel 2-liter Volkswagen Beetle convertible that the GENeco’s engineers, based in the UK, modified to run on…
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