Better Buildings Initiative

Macy's will lead energy efficiency efforts

Macy’s Joins Leadership Effort for Energy Efficient Upgrades

Macy's joins the Better Buildings Challenge to help motivate property owners to invest in energy efficient upgrades for older buildings by contributing its…
Semprius opens new factory for tiny solar cells

DoE’s Bet on a Solar Winner

Semprius will open a new solar cell manufacturing facility in North Carolina to manufacture its pencil point-sized solar cells. The plant will create…
starbucks mug_x

How Starbucks and Staples Could Bring Keystone to Its Knees

Starbucks and Staples have joined the agribusiness giant J.R. Simplot to give a boost to the Obama Administration’s Better Buildings Challenge, and in…
energy upgrades for barracks in Fort Carson

Fort Carson Mines an Old Building for $15 Million in Savings

When it comes to energy upgrades for existing buildings, the first bottom line benefit that comes to mind is of course the energy…

$4 Billion for Energy Efficient Buildings and Green Jobs

The list of President Obama’s We Can’t Wait initiatives now includes a major new investment program for upgrading the energy efficiency of buildings.…
Radiator retrofits for Empire State Building and your building, too

Empire State Buildng Gets LEED Gold Certification

New York City’s iconic Empire State Building has been getting a lot of press lately for its energy efficiency improvements. Its latest achievement…
new energy storage systems add value to commercial buildings

Maximizing the Energy Potential of Commercial Buildings

Pike Research is out with a new report that explores potential growth in the market for energy storage in commercial buildings, and the…
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