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Stocking up on cocktail fixins for New Years Eve? Take a moment to consider the production processes behind your favorite brands.

What Environmentally-Friendly Drinking Looks Like

Stocking up on cocktail fixins for New Years Eve? Take a moment to consider the production processes behind your favorite brands.
Starbucks Coffee Cups

Report: Food Industry Needs to Take Responsibility for Its Packaging Waste

Nearly a third of the United States’ solid waste stream is product packaging – a Capri Sun drink pouch, a Starbucks coffee cup…
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Coca-Cola Bets the Farm on “Premium Milk”

Could Coca Cola's venture into premium milk be the greatest coup for beverage companies since bottled water?
Image credit: Coke vs.

Coca Cola UK Marks 50th Anniversary with Zero Waste

Along with making significant reductions in energy and water losses, multinational beverages giant Coca-Cola Enterprises announced that waste from all its UK plants…
Coca-Cola's recyclable, reusable display rack

Coca-Cola Promoting Recyclable, Reusable Display Racks

Coca Cola has launched a series of 100% recyclable merchandise display racks for use in both grocery and convenience stores. The objective is…
Maine Root, a Fair Trade Treat

Maine Root Brings Fair Trade to Soda

Maine Root has its origins in a pizza restaurant in Portland, Maine. Two brothers, Matthew and Mark Seiler, wanted to offer their customers…
The SunnyD family of products

Sunny Delight Goes Zero Waste

Sunny Delight has reached its 2013 recycling goal three years early; several months ago, the firm's US and Spain manufacturing plants achieved zero…
Coca Cola China

Coca-Cola Pushes Sustainability in China

Now Coca-Cola is ramping up its sustainability efforts in China, including promises to promises improve packaging efficiency, while reducing the weight of its…

Coca-Cola Europe: Companies Must Push for More Than Incremental Change

Coca-Cola Europe’s recycling director, Patrick McGuirk, recently acknowledged at a London trade show that his firm and others must do more than make…

Soda Tax Ideas Grow Among Local Governments

The notion of a soda tax has taken on new importance over the last few weeks as local governments increasingly consider the proposition–the…

Water Wars – the Beverage Industry as a Canary or Future Innovation Leader?

As the world wrestles with the challenge of a low carbon future, the issue of water – or rather, the lack of it…
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