Bicycles for Business

The Business Case for Biking

At Triple Pundit we’ve long advocated the healthy, practical benefits of commuting by bicycle. It turns out a growing number of companies do too. Over the years we have seen companies earn positive ROI by making investments in bicycling infrastructure, building employee incentive programs, sometimes even buying bikes for workers.

In this article series, we take a look at how companies are embracing bicycles for improved employee productivity, health, and a positive impact on the bottom line. We’ll also look at how both public and private investment in bicycle infrastructure is reaping a positive ROI.


Bike Friendly Baseball Stadiums: The Definitive List

Since 2004, the San Francisco Giants have offered free, secured valet parking for folks arriving via bicycle to see games (staffed by volunteers…
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DreamBikes Teaches Job Skills and Boosts Bicycling in Urban Neighborhoods

DreamBikes started when John Burke, president of Trek BIcycle Company, suggested the idea and then donated the seed money to open the first…
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Bike Culture at Levis: Built to Last

Bike commuter culture at Levi Strauss & Co. started small and is now an integrated part of the company's culture.
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LA’s CicLAvia: A Primer of How Bicycling Can Boost Communities and the Economy

Yesterday in Los Angeles was CicLAvia, an event held twice a year during which 10 miles of streets are free of cars, so…

LA’s Transition to a Greener Economy

Our economy - and thus, our lifestyle - is firmly entrenched in the infrastructure that surrounds us and how we use it. This…

Swedish Cities Close to Building a Bicycle Superhighway

Sweden’s transportation authority, Trafikverket, has approved a four line bicycle superhighway between Malmö and nearby Lund.

Levi’s Embraces Cycling to Work With “Commuter Series” Jeans

Blue Jeans were originally invented with the rugged horse-riding lifestyle of the gold rush era in mind. With hard to rip, rivet-reinforced stitches…

Building Bicycle Infrastructure Creates Jobs, Studies Find

While the economy remains in the doldrums and job growth continues to stutter, the bicycle industry, at least, seems to have recovered from…

Project Aura: Lighting the Way to An Upsurge in Bike Commuters?

I have the good fortune of living in Portland, Oregon, where I bike commute daily. In a recent article it was reported that…

Dublin Bikes: Bike Sharing That Works

The following post is part of the course work for “Live Exchange” the foundational course on communication for The MBA Design Strategy Program…

Suitsak: The Key to a Major Increase in White Collar Bicycle Commuters?

In many parts of the world, cities are actively taking steps to increase biking as a daily activity – London’s “bicycle superhighway” is…

The Business Case for Bicycling

Bicycling should defy the left-right debate. After all, it is a cheap activity, saves money, allows for freedom, can be healthy, and offers…

BMW Releases New Bicycle Line. Not an April Fool

The BMW Cruise Bike boasts a 24 speed derailleur system, designed by BMW’s engineers with sporty day trips in mind. For those who…
Antonio Villaraigosa

LA’s Mayor Bikes, Falls, Promises More Bike Paths – Will He Fall Again?

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa pledged more to cyclists last week after his attempt at a bike ride in Venice ended rudely when…

Newest Employee Perk: A Shiny New Bicycle

Increasingly, private companies are looking for ways to reduce their parking expenses and mitigate clean-air compliance problems by offering employees cheap or even…