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Why Sustainability is Missing the Data Party (and How to Sneak In)

Sustainability professionals should have a fear of missing out … on data.

Data Science Offers Sustainable Solutions for the Future, Experts Say

“Data are becoming the new raw material of business,” said Craig Mundie, a senior advisor at Microsoft. And harnessing data science can help…

6 Ways to Make Your Sustainability Data Count

How can you turn a mountain of sustainability data into engaging, useful information? Sustainability data fiend Majonne Frost from Bioregional offers her advice.
Peter Thiel Palantir Donald Trump

Could PayPal’s Peter Thiel Advise Donald Trump on National Security? Maybe.

Considering his relationship with the data-analytics company Palantir, PayPal's Peter Thiel is in a good position to advise Donald Trump on national security.

Data Mapping Improves Compliance and Transparency in Bangladesh’s Garment Industry

One data project underway at a leading university in Bangladesh shows promise in helping those vested in the country’s garment sector to bolster…

Big Data Needs More Women

Big data needs more women, and new roles — such as chief data officer (CDO) — may be just the ticket to bring…
An SAP data center in St. Leon-Rot, Germany.

The Knowledge Revolution: Big Data and Sustainability

Sustainability poses many questions. For a long time, answers were scarce. But thanks to new anal­ysis methods and an increasing willingness to share…

World Air Quality Index Brings Data to Life

The World Air Quality Index is helping us visualize air pollution across the globe. With its real-time air quality information, we can practically…

Putting the Value Back Into Data

Companies waste 30 percent of the energy they consume. Mike Carlson, president of Siemens Digital Grid, explains how we can cut that figure…

How Big Data is Revolutionizing Corporate Training

Big data is becoming the basis of many corporate decisions. Properly structured and analyzed, it can be used by corporations for decision-making purposes,…

Can Big Data Increase Voter Turnout?

To ensure success in this year’s presidential election, political strategists in both the Democratic and Republican parties have teamed up with big data…

How Big Data Can Make Your Company More Sustainable

Data Science, a burgeoning new field of academia dedicated to collecting, organizing and analyzing information, reveals how businesses can reduce costs and increase…

Bay Area Water Initiative Creates Drought Visualization Tool

A Bay Area partnership seeks to learn more about the effects of California's drought and find new ways to conserve, recycle and locally…

The URL Of Every Corporation In The World? This Site’s On It

Open Corporates was created by two open-data activists with the goal to get the URL of every company in the world and make…
Crowds gather at the Internet of Things IoT13 Forum June 2013. We've made big moves since then when it comes to realizing the IoT's true potential.

The IoT: Turning Reactive Businesses Proactive

It’s been said that the Internet of Things (IoT) has the power to revamp technology, but in truth, it’s capable of doing a…