3p Weekend: These City Projects Are a Cyclist’s Dream

These innovative projects not only open up downtowns to bike and pedestrian travel, but also support urban and real-estate development around the world,…
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Ford to Focus On Urban Cyclists

Ford is about to launch a data-driven initiative to track urban cyclists as they commute through city streets. By mounting a device on…

Bike-Share Programs Extend into Underserved Neighborhoods

Studies show that communities with statistically recognized transportation issues benefit the most from having a bike-share option in their neighborhood. However, disproportionately, some…

How Starting a Charity Changed My Business (and My Life)

For me and my brother, helping families in need has been a lifelong endeavor. Adding a charitable arm to our business has created…
bike signal

Photo Essay: 19 Separated Bike Lane Innovations

Over the last year, we've shown how protected bike lanes and the higher biking rates they bring are great for the U.S. economy.…
cardboard bike

Why the Cardboard Bike Crowdfunding Campaign Failed

This campaign had all the items for success - cool, innovative product, hipster appeal, and tons of press. So why did the crowdfunding…

Americans Save $4.6 Billion Every Year Just By Biking

The Sierra Club has declared May as National Biking Month and has released a report to highlight the economic benefits of cycling.

Dublin Bikes: Bike Sharing That Works

The following post is part of the course work for “Live Exchange” the foundational course on communication for The MBA Design Strategy Program…

BMW Releases New Bicycle Line. Not an April Fool

The BMW Cruise Bike boasts a 24 speed derailleur system, designed by BMW’s engineers with sporty day trips in mind. For those who…

Whip Bikes: Innovative Bike Sharing Model Launches in UK

Car sharing has gone from hippie practice to popular carless urbanite tool of choice, courtesy companies like Zipcar, with old guard companies like…

Best Buy Wants to Become Top EV Seller; Educating Customers is Key

When it comes to innovation, Best Buy continues to surprise me with with just how far ahead they are of every other big-box…

Ultra Motor’s A2B: A Really Nice Ride, if You Can Afford It

At the recent Taste of Ki eco-chic product showcase, I was lucky enough to be able to take a test-ride on a very…

Oybike Rolls into the Bike-Sharing Biz

As we’ve been reporting, some bike-sharing programs (well, okay, mostly the Velib system in Paris) have been navigating rough stretches of road, due…
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