Used Cooking Oil Wreaks Havoc on Sewers

Improper disposal of used cooking oil is harmful to the environment and can cause structural damage. However, certain organizations have stepped up to…
Audi clean diesel

Audi Aims To Burnish Green Brand With Its Own Clean Diesel

By creating its own clean diesel and other liquid fuels, Audi demonstrates how manufacturers can leverage clean energy technology to attract customers.
renewable fuels algae

Cheaper Renewable Fuels: Is Algae the Missing Ingredient?

The viability of algae-based fuels varies widely by the process, and some closed systems processes seem very promising.

Distill Those Used Plastic Shopping Bags for Fuel

University of Illinois researchers have developed an energy-efficient way to convert used plastic shopping bags to fuel. The conversion process produces significantly more…

Bio-Bean Coffee Conversion: Whole Bean Genius

Biofuel critics have brought up that converting foodstuffs to biodiesel means less food in a world threatened with food insecurity. And converting wood…

Fiscal Cliff Deal Extends Biofuel Credits

The New Year’s fiscal cliff deal has received quite a bit of press. We have already discussed the significance of extending the Wind…
deep fry

Darden Restaurants Recycles 7.3 Million Pounds of Fry Oil

One employee's interest sparked an initiative with broad reaching impact.
corn field

Spotlight: How Biofuel Is Made

The variety and creation of biofuels can be overwhelming. Here is a comprehensive rundown on the types, the creation process and the differences…

Fryer Grease Hits the Black Market

With oil prices up, fryer grease for biofuel has become the latest target of theft.
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Biofuels on the Brink in Europe

Indirect land use change, or ILUC, dictates that the conversion of land into farms for biofuel crops must account for its carbon emissions-and…

Biomass Energy: Pros and Cons

Biomass energy has been around since long before anyone spoke of renewables or alternative energy sources. There was a time when wood was…

Volkswagen Bets on Greener Technologies

VW is the second largest automaker in the world and Europe's biggest. So I was excited to read VW's recent announcement about investing…

Four Fuel Alternatives That Have Been Overlooked

For decades we’ve taken advantage of our natural supplies and just ignored the fact that one day, we will run out. Now, we…
Eco Growers Group

Eco Ventures Group: A Growing Family Sustainable Businesses

Florida's Eco Ventures Group is building a family of businesses management says is grounded in Triple Bottom Line principles, including recovering of precious,…
Springboard Biodiesel

Springboard Biodiesel: Biodiesel On Site

For many universities, military bases, breweries, hospitals, and cafeterias, the disposal of waste grease is a liability. There are regulations making it illegal…