A group from Louisiana Sea Grant College Program Louisiana State University pulls discarded crab traps from the water in Pointe aux Chenes

Louisiana Wetlands Restoration Project Offers Corporate Investors a Social Return

A new fund has the potential to turn $1 million in private donations into $9 million in tangible benefits for the Mississippi River…
Oysters growing on artificial reefs along the Alabama coastline. Photo credit: ©  Andrew Kornylak

Nature: A Better, Faster, Cost-Effective Answer for Climate Resilience?

Living shorelines and nature-based solutions reduce climate-related risks to communities and infrastructure, says the Nature Conservancy.

Warmer Temperatures Are Impacting Fish in North American Waters

Even the small warming we've experienced due to climate change is having significant impacts on how fish, says the U.S. Geological Survey.

A Growing Crisis: Insects are Disappearing — And Fast

We all know about the huge declines in bee and monarch butterfly populations. Now, it turns out thatin some areas nearly all insects…
Asia Pulp and Paper, deforestation, social enterprise, managed forests, leon kaye, china

How APP Sees the Forest Through the Trees

If you want to see just how complicated a supply chain can be, the operations of Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) on Hainan…

There’s No Time To Waste In Protecting Indonesia’s Leuser Ecosystem

The Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia’s Aceh province is 6.5 million acres of tropical lowland rainforests, mountains and peatlands. It’s also a place where…
Bread, Wine, Chocolate_HighRes_Final

The Slow Loss of Foods We Love

Journalist, educator and foodie Simran Sethi spent her life obsessed with food. So, she was surprised to learn that agrobiodiversity loss put many…
Biosphere 2 in Tucson, Arizona.

CSR: Fostering Responsible Biodiversity Stewardship

The 651 biosphere reserves spanning over 120 countries protect and preserve the immense diversity of life on our planet. The value and benefits…

Canadian Prime Minister’s Photo Gaffe Highlights Spotty Conservation Record

Using the wrong picture to go with an ad concerning wild salmon habitat restoration shouldn’t be that big of a deal, right? If…
Patagonia_WildIdea_Bison_Photo_Credit JonLevitt1

Patagonia and Wild Ideas Buffalo Team Up for Ecology

The history of the Great Northern Grasslands tells a story of heartbreak. But they also reflect an enormous ecological legacy as the home…
Alpha male lion in the Kariba REDD+ project area.

Cecil the Lion and the Link Between Wildlife Conservation and Carbon Emissions

Hunting the king of the jungle is a lucrative business in many African countries, but social and environmental consequences are severe. The Kariba…
sunset nature preserve

Photo Essay: ‘Ivory Wars’ Rangers Protect Much More than Elephants

You may be familiar with the Animal Planet reality TV show, “Ivory Wars.” In it, Kenyan rangers fend off local and Somali poachers…

Fisheries Are in Crisis: Here’s How It Affects Us All

Global fish stocks are in trouble. The popularity of fish protein, in addition to an ever-growing world population, has led to a fishery…

Anthropocene: On the Substance of a New Idea

The Anthropocene is a new chapter in Earth's history shaped by human actions. Radionuclides and plastic are considered the clearest measurable signal as…

China Pilots Its First National Park System

The Chinese government announced a plan for the country's first national park system earlier this month. It's modeled after the U.S. system, first…