Biofuel Production Gets a Bit More Efficient

At scale, a small increase in efficiency means big savings potential.
dry cornfield

Why Cellulosic Ethanol Depends on a Renewable Fuel Standard

Adam Monroe, President of Novozymes North America calls the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) a linchpin policy.
WM LFGTE Facility

Renewable Energy: Solar, Wind, Geothermal Heat and… Waste?

With improvements in technology, we are able to add "waste" to the list of renewable energy sources. Waste Management, Agilyx and Renmatix are…
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Spotlight: How Biofuel Is Made

The variety and creation of biofuels can be overwhelming. Here is a comprehensive rundown on the types, the creation process and the differences…

A Brief History of Biofuels

Biofuels, defined as fuel created from recently living material, have been around for more than a century. Periodically, they would surge in popularity…

Whole Foods Demonstrates the True Value of Waste Cooking Oil

The Massachusetts kitchen that prepares food for 62 Whole Foods stores uses it own old cooking oil to generate virtually all of its…

Is Renewable Fuels Standard on Biofuel Flexible Enough to Weather the 2012 U.S. Drought?

The drought parching the Midwest is raising serious questions about our agriculture and energy policies. Stocks of corn in storage were already low,…
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Should the U.S. Halt Corn Ethanol Production During the Drought?

Last week, the director-general of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization told the Financial Times that the US should suspend its binding biofuel…

BP Getting Deep Into Cellulosic Ethanol

BP took a step towards sustainability this month with the announcement of a major new commitment into alternative energy. This is not the…
Brookhaven Lab finds key to low cost algae biofuel

U.S. Navy Pursues Algae Biofuel

The algae biofuel wars have gone into high boil, as the U.S. Navy continues to press ahead with a major seagoing biofuel demonstration…
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Enzymes: Sustainability’s Secret Weapon

To the untrained ear, "enzyme" sounds like it has something to do with food digestion and, lets be honest, the gut is really…

Africa’s First Sustainable Biofuel Plant Opens in Mozambique

NDZiLO’s ethanol plant in the province of Dondo has a capacity to supply two million liters of cassava-based ethanol. The cassava will be…

Renewable Aviation Fuel: A Market in the Making

New technologies and growing demand for staggering quantities of renewable jet fuels make it a sector worth investing in.

Renewable Aviation Fuel: Ready for Take-Off

Lack of information is hindering the take-off of the renewable aviation fuel market. aims to provide potential buyers with decision-making tools.

EPA Underestimates Emissions from Palm-Based Biofuels

Scientific and environmental groups announced that they will submit comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in response to EPA's proposed finding that…