It’s Over: Five Reasons Why the Electric Car Wins

It could take ten years or more to become apparent, but I’ll call it now: the electric car will replace the internal combustion…

Biochar – Clean Energy, Soil Restoration, and Economic Viability

When I first heard the word “biochar,” it didn’t exactly conjure notions of sustainability, clean energy, or economic viability. The word’s syllables, strung…

Camelina Seed Goes Airborne as Biojet Fuel

Is camelina the next big thing in biofuel crops?

Will Aviation Biofuel Fly?

Even with the attention of the two largest aircraft makers, Boeing and Airbus, aviation biofuel is not exactly on the near-event horizon: Think…

Market Reality Bites Biofuel Companies

The sour economy, low oil prices, the collapse of the commodity market and flight from food-based biofuel sourcing merged into in a deadly…

Make Biofuel From Your Home Using Leftover Beer

E-Fuel has recently partnered with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to produce ethanol from waste beer using its E-Fuel100 household microrefiney.

New Documentary Fuel Presents Road to Energy Independence

Al Gore told us The Inconvenient Truth about global warming. But many of us asked, “What can I do about it?” The documentary…

The Ethanol Quandary And Why Governments Ignore It

Ethanol. The ins and outs of why governments fail to regulate biofuels.

Non Food Biofuel Crops Are Highly Risky According To The United Nations

Non food biofuel crops are massively dangerous in many cases says the United Nations in a special paper. Many of the crops are…

Texas Company Patents Biomass Biofuel Technology

A Texas company says it has developed the technology to create biofuel that is 'the holy grail' of all biofuel. Costs per gallon…

The Backroom Biofuel Processors Are Meeting Online On A Professional Exchange

biofuels making them yourself, and a new exchange bringing little oil barons to market

EU Policy Makers Are Proposing To Slash 10% Biofuel Target

Food, biofuels. Links between third world poverty and EU petrol guzzling cars.

BioTruck Expedition Update – Timbuktu!

Back in November I posted Willie Wonka and the Chocolate (biodiesel) Truck. The goal was to drive a truck (three trucks actually) all the way…

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate (biodiesel) Truck

Two men left England last Friday on their way to Timbuktu in a truck powered by chocolate. For the sake of accuracy, the truck…