Black Friday... or Anti Black Friday

Anti-Black Friday, Green Friday, Sustainable Consumption

The Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States has turned into a commercial tradition with stories and malls opening in the wee hours to offer sales and other gimmicks. Many decry the commercialization of a holiday built around family time and giving thanks. While most of us here at 3p would rather sleep in and eat leftover Turkey, the phenomenon of “Black Friday” remains. Collected here are stories about consumerism and the idea of using the Black Friday tradition to buy something responsible.

Striking boy

Walmart Warehouse Workers Striking; Many More Planned for Black Friday

The last six months have brought an unprecedented number of Walmart strikes, with many more likely coming on Black Friday. These strikes follow…
Buy Local

Competing with the Big Dogs: Marketing Tips to Build Local Economies

I’m a big supporter of local economies because I believe doing so will help solve many of the social and economic ills troubling…

How Black Friday Creates a Marketing Opportunity for Alternatives

At BSR a few weeks ago I was excited to have Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn directly answer my question “Is promoting Black Friday midnight sales contrary…

Patagonia’s Black Friday Message: Don’t Buy This Jacket

Last Friday, retailers tried to convince you to shop as much as you can, opening their stores as early as Thursday at midnight…
Walmart Black Friday 2010

Black Friday 2012: More Hours, More Resistance

If you think Black Friday couldn’t get worse, you got it wrong. The biggest shopping day of the year is beginning earlier than…

Green Gift Monday Promotes Positive Change and Provides Free Marketing

Green Gift Monday, launched for the second year by The Nature Conservancy, encourages gift givers to consider environmentally and socially responsible choices around…

Report Touts Low-Income Shoppers’ Spending Savvy–But Miss the Big Picture

Black Friday is almost here, which means the holiday shopping season is just about to begin. Even if Black Friday is not your…

A New Spin on Buy Nothing Day (aka Black Friday)

We’re pleased to announce that 3p’s own Jonathan Mariano has a brand new business launching today that is one part social experiment, one…

Black Friday: Consumers Will Buy Less, Give More

Here’s a bit of cheer for 3p readers who duck their heads under their pillows on Black Friday: America’s conscious consumers will be…

The Limits of Ethical Consumption

Anne McCaig, CEO of Cafedirect, said in an interview by the Guardian that ethical consumption has its limits. “At the end of the…

Energy Forward Shows How to Turn Black Friday Green

It used to be that Energy Star was the de facto standard for knowing that a product was energy efficient. That was, until…

This Black Friday: Think Sustainable Art

By Elizabeth Dolge Like it or not, this time of year we are being bombarded by commercials encouraging us to engage in holiday…

Buy Green on Black Friday

After enjoying your turkey and stuffing, do you read through the copious number of ads and sales flyers and plan your shopping route…

Get a $25 Credit from Amex this Small Business Saturday

American Express is sponsoring the first ever Small Business Saturday on this coming Saturday, November 27. For every Facebook user who clicks “like”…
cyber monday

Where Were the Electric Utilities on Cyber Monday?

Where Were the Electric Utilities on Cyber Monday? I post this question drawing upon the following two data-points: 1. Almost 100 million Americans…
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